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Homemade cold remedies

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With the current Coronavirus situation, we've had to shut ourselves in with a couple of sore throats. We know we have enough food in the freezer (without stockpiling), but one thing we didn't anticipate needing was throat sweets/syrup, so I'm looking for your home remedies :)

We might be lacking a few ingredients (definitely no ginger or honey for example) but this thread might help others too, so share anything you have!

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Hi Coops, I'm sorry that you've got a sore throat well done for doing the right thing and staying at home, a really simple recipe is warm salted water as a gargle, I find it very effective but you want to have a chaser...

A really good sore throat remedy for you is apple cider vinegar and warm water as it has mild antibacterial qualities.

My favourite is a lemon and honey drink by boiling some water then adding some cold water before the juice of a whole lemon with some local honey and thats very soothing and it has vitamin C.

Zinc lozenges are great for a sore throat and a zinc supplement is claimed to shorten the life of a virus.

I hope that you both feel better soon and do let us know how you get on.

Jerry 😊

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Cooper27Administrator in reply to

Great tips :) I will have some ACV with breakfast I think, it should also give my stomach a little acid boost for the day.

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FatbuddyHigh Risk in reply to Cooper27

Not with breakfast -- better do it 30 to 40 minutes before or after you eat anything. You can also use same for gargle.

Hi Hidden I love a hot toddy (with whiskey) but might try with rum and brown sugar, but why the butter?

The one thing I can tell you about sore throats is that if I get one, I chop three or four cloves of garlic up small (depending on the size of the cloves), put it in a cup or glass container and pour boiling water over it. Stick a saucer over the top and leave it for about two or three hours to infuse. When cool strain it and gargle with the water. Pour boiling water over the chopped garlic that's been strained and repeat a few hours later. Can't guarantee it but it has worked for me on a few occasions. (No, I'm not nuts). I have used it when I've had raging sore throats. It's not instantaneous but I have found it to be good.

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Cooper27Administrator in reply to springcross

I met a lady who would take fermented garlic (and a shot of the brine it had stewed in) if she had a bad throat, so this doesn't sound that crazy :) I'm out of garlic just now, but will try to get some when I'm allowed to leave home again.

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springcross in reply to Cooper27

Important to say don't make it too strong as it may burn your throat and that will defeat the object. If the cloves are large just use a couple but if they are smallish to medium, I would use three to four. Before you gargle, just put a bit on your tongue to taste. Good luck.

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Well these are things I have, so I'll give it a try :) I think I'll have to sub ghee or olive oil for the butter though.

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FatbuddyHigh Risk

Jerry gave enough tips.

Why no ginger and no honey?

Prevention is Best Medicine.

I suggest -- every one -living in Europe or cold weather area -like Canada and northern USA -

to take this two times a day - starting in August - until end of March -

1 teaspoon turmeric powder and 1/2 teaspoon ginger powder in 4 oz warm water

and then add ( if you want ) 1 teaspoon organic raw honey and drink - 40 minutes before or after any food intake. So normally 10 or 10: 30 am ( morning ) and 3 or 3:30 pm ( after noon).

You will never have a cold or flu.

It will not hurt to take year round -

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Cooper27Administrator in reply to Fatbuddy

I just don't have them right now. The ginger looked a bit tired when I last looked for some.

I agree prevention is better, but unfortunately we can't prevent everything. We both have slightly weakened immune systems, thanks to autoimmune diseases, so are more susceptible to catching bugs.

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FatbuddyHigh Risk in reply to Cooper27

sorry to know that - but generally for every one it does help

Also Vitamin A, E and C helps lot for immune system. Only Vitamin C - 2000

to 3000 IU per day helps lot

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springcross in reply to Fatbuddy

Thanks for that, definitely one to try.

Great thread here, thanks. I stood in front of the cough remedies in Boots for ages - glycerine, sucrose........ and in the end picked up Boots own dry tickly cough mixture, just in case.

The tips you've all shared here are great.

When my son was small I used to give crushed garlic in honey.......I'd forgotten about that until I saw someone mention it here.

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SMITHYCHealth Champion

Any green tea. If you have add lemon juice to it. Gargle with warm salt water.

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