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ibs? why is my body acting like this

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For context I'm 19 and male.

Since last Monday (The 9th), I have had problems passing stools mostly constipation. Prior to this I had eaten frozen food and fast food for a few days as I was home alone with no home food. At first I thought this was normal so I tried fybogel which didn't do much but then I started to having feelings of being bloated in my lower abdomen/rectum even after passing stools. This bloated feeling is akin to wanting to pass gas or a stool it's pretty uncomfortable and some days its ok others its pretty bad, I should also mention I don't have cramps or pain after having eaten food. I have been drinking plenty of water these days too and typically eat home food such as potatoes, pasta, chicken, beef stew ect. So while I have managed to pass stools every day since last Monday, it has only been with strain and I never felt as if I was emptying my bowls as I also didn't poo out regular long turds but just small bits of poo at a time.

A few days ago I started drinking a cup (250ml) of prune juice in the morning which has helped me pass some stools with little strain albeit the bloated feeling ends up coming back. Today I had prune juice and that caused me to have some diarrhoea after passing a solid stool. But anyways I am just really confused on what to do. I have never experienced this and I can't even go to my GP for a face to face consultation because of the coronavirus situation, my GP just asked for a stool sample that can be tested which I sent. I am really getting fed up of this and I am looking for any advice that someone could possibly suggest. Thank you

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Hi and welcome to the group, BerserkJerkle .😀👍

Please feel free to continue posting and commenting anytime, ask more questions, take a look at the Topics/Events/Pinned Posts/Polls sections for ideas and suggestions. Thank you for introducing yourself to the other members of the group and the information about yourself.

Do you have any food or medication allergies? Did your doctor say anything about a possible hernia? When was your last doctor’s appointment?

Thanks for the welcome :D

I have no food allergies that I know of same with medication (don't take any medication now and prior to this). My doctor also didn't mention a possible hernia she just said that it could be an irritated bowl and that I had to send a stool sample which could take weeks to be analysed. My appointment was today however it was a short telephone appointment as face to face appointments are not happening due to the virus.

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Based on the phone call, what did your doctor say to do along with the stool sample testing?

Not much really. She just said that once the results are back she'll recommend some medication

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Okay. Are you okay otherwise— virus free?

Oh yeah aha other then that I am ok. Thanks for asking. Are you yourself ok?

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I’m okay, but I’m staying at my house for a while since I can’t go to my job because of the virus closing my center until further notice. I’m a type 1 Diabetic, so I have to be careful when (and if) I end up going outside.

I’m glad you’re doing okay.😀👍

Yeah I imagine the virus could be pretty messy if diabetes was added to it... gotta stay careful. But on the plus side you could use this free time to catch up on some reading, get up to date with a TV show or just learn a new hobby :P

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I have been actually doing a lot of reading and some tv shows with my Nephew and Niece every day. I also do some knitting.

We have a monthly book posting on the group if you want to say what you’re reading. Go to: healthunlocked.com/healthye... and click on the SAVE button for the posting.😀👍

Hi Jerkie, how much water is plenty? Is it at least 2 litres a day? I have a half litre insulated bottle that I keep with me and make sure I drink it all, in the morning, 2 in the afternoon and one in the evening. And that's on top of the prune juice, tea and coffee or any other drinks. And what about vegetables and fruit? Have a piece at breakfast and at least 5 portions of veg a day. Spuds don't count as veg, they're a carb.

Yes I'd say it's already 2 litres a day. I drink till my pee is nearly clear I'd say. I will admit I don't eat much vegetables, but I mainly eat fruit such as apples or blueberries.

Well done on the water and fruit but get veg down you!! Someone else said about grains - make sure eat wholemeal bread, pasta and brown rice. Hope things improve

Yeah I should get some veggies down but I feel like it won't make things better since there is probably a blockage downstairs?

Well maybe, but at your age? Has the doc got back to you? If not, chase them up

I called the GP today but sadly the results aren't back yet. Gonna take this senokot tonight and if that doesn't get rid of the feeling I'll probably go to the hospital

Good luck xx

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I will have to get some sleep tonight soon. I will be back tomorrow morning after 7:45 am.😀👍

Alrighto, have a good night! :D

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Good morning!😀👍 Done with breakfast. How’s it going today for you?

Try eating more plant fibre and cereals with bran on a daily basis.

Buy some Apples 🍎 eat one morning one in the afternoon also buy either prunes or dates eat about 8 of these stop drinking coffee & tea as they are directic this will allow more fluid to pass into the bowel, you can also ask your surgery for an ennema normally this is a bullet shaped glycerin suppository if you are really bunged up

I've tried eating an apple a day but that doesn't really help much. I might try prune since I know prine juice works, once I get my results back I'll see if I need a suppository :)

I would cut out any junk food that does not contain fibre try whole grain bread, bran flakes, FIBRE is key to a good bowel movement, also if your on any medication sometimes that can harden stools, you could also try colonic irrigation to get things moving first, look it up on the internet you will have to pay that though but it would sort your immediate problem out

I am not on any medications and I have been eating only home food since it started except for the 1 time I had kfc. I am not sure about colonic irrigation I've heard it does more harm then good. I have some senokot which I'll try tonight and if that doesn't work will probably have to go to the hospital

Hi, I had my first attack at about 21 (1968), GP ignored it but boss sent me home and rang my GP. 1971 next attack really bad, GP got me to consultant and appendix removed 5 days after seeing GP. Made no difference, similar to you and similar bowel movements. Tried me on everything wit no relief. Went to hospital on my own and Doctor did x ray and invented IBS so sent me to a consultant,admitted they knew nothing about it, I was crippled for about 2 weeks at a time, changed to alternating constipation and diarrhoea, I was prescribed Lactulose for constipation, Fybrogel and granules did no good, I later found Colpermin eased wind and bloating a bit, last 15 years constant watery diarrhoea which has eased a little now but still go with very loose poo 5 times a day, double that when bad, always small amounts, I also found to have diverticular also at 30. I found Kefir I drank it daily and extra in night if uncomfortable. I now use Dihydracodeine when pain gets bad and dries up diarrhoea so I don't soil the bed as often. I paid for food tolerance test £245 at York Test Labs, don't waste your money it's rubbish, I should of listened to dietitian and GP who warned me but desperate. I have cut back on veg although I love it, carrots and bit of potato most days for me, high fibre cerial, wholemeal/granary breads but have managed some white crusty bread with little soft centre OK now and dries the watery a little but with care. It has completely ruined my life, can't mix with others as can't enjoy things and the constant smelly farts are very embarasing which I can't avoid. I am sick of all the x rays, barium meal, jelly on belly scans, probes and cameras up the rear right to near my appendix and down my throat. I always fancied trying that little camera in a capsule to swallow that sends signals to a screen and recorder that Richard and Judy show demonstrated many years ago, I would have been prepared to contribite towards it if it could be done while having an attack. I really feel for you as I can understand what you are going through, really hope you find some relief from it. I would pester Doctors constantly if I were you, I wish I had but when I first got it IBS had not been invented, it's just a cover up to shut us up. I believe mine is caused a lot by stress and nerves, I had a wife that was a big problem and she caused it to trigger a lot as she could do nothing and I had to do everything causing arguments and stress. Best of luck to you I hope you can beat it.

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BerserkJerkle in reply to Contax

Thank you for the comment. Must be awful to go through it for so long since it just feels like something is wrong with your body yet there's not much you can do about it, I just hope you're doing alright regarding not just your health but also your relationship :(

I'm taking your advice and I will go to the hospital tomorrow and nag to see a doctor no matter what.

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Hi, thanks for your reply, I'm divorced now and it has actually helped my IBS, I suffer with several illnesses but the IBS has been worse than my arthritis and heart failure and the rest. I hope you find some relief and get some good GP support. Take Care.

Hi, I know it's been awhile but has it been solved? I've got similar problems and around the same age as you.

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