Well every time I visit my specialist, there seems to be another diagnosis for me.

Dyomorphism of left hip, Ostitis Pubis, Arthritis of lower spine and hips.

All this is now preventing me from being active and moving. The painkillers that I am on give me a raging appetite and to top it all the pills to help me sleep are bloating me up. Frustrated would be an understatement.

But hey- I will keep working hard to remain positive and see out this tiresome period of my life......


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4 Replies

  • Oh dear sorry to hear it. Seek out alternative medicine, you might find some relief and support. Good luck

  • Arthritis is uric acid related, with the biggest offenders being fructose, alcohol (fermented sugar) and excess protein.

    A controlled carbohydrate, natural fat diet will provide the improvement you seek.

  • Oh dear,

    You hang on in there, and just do the best you can .

  • Oh, that's quite a burden, I wish you'll see an end to your ailments.

    . Have you heard of or watched "Forks over knives" ? And Mosley Horizon program on fasting (5:2) ?

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