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Is it normal?

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I was diagnosed with ptsd, is it normal even if you aren’t in the military or never been to have ptsd?

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Most of our community members have not developed PTSD from military or emergency services experiences, so yes, your experience is quite normal.


Thank your for telling me this :)

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It's very common to have PTSD without having military experience. I was diagnosed with PTSD and then found out that I also had Complex PTSD while having treatment.

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I meant to say in my post that I have had great success with EMDR therapy. Also, if you go for treatment, make sure you go to a therapist who is trained and experienced in trauma focused therapy as standard therapy can make things worse. Best wishes. 🌼

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Yes it is completely normal to be diagnosed with PTSD and not have to have served in the military or in the emergency services. PTSD doesn't mean only certain people in certain fields of work can only have it. Going through EMDR I've learned that my PTSD started back when I was a child and working for FF/EMT only contributed to PTSD.

Again welcome to the forum, my messages are always open for chatter.

Welcome! PTSD follows a traumatic event. It certainly isn't limited to those who have served in the military. I have PTSD and have never served in the military.

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