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A bit of bravado for you to laugh with me.

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I am the warrior of life

Without a sword or a gun

I was taught the pen is mighty.

I will undo you,,!!!!

The samaria trainned me.

You carry the yolk.

You are the plough

You are the fresh soil

Ready for this message

You must be patient

You must only deal with thing's as they cometo you

Not pre conceived

Not imagined

Touch the cold steel of sheffield.

Bring yourself into the present.

Look apuon thing's as they unfold.

Only say the truth when others are ready.

Wait , bide, Your time.

Try to find that place in the centre.

The eye in the middle of the storm.!!!

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yes, trying to do that, did you write it? very nice poem..

find the center in the storm

even with so much stress and noise and I want quiet and calm...<3

Yeah , I really wrote that. Thank you for your reply.😊. The soldiers moto." Kill or be killed" is a bit extreme for civilian life . So I took up the pen and paper. I am smiling my face off right now. Because that calm does come from knowing a trick or two , self defensively. Be you a singer , with that inner confidence. Or that woman with incredible presence.It all comes from being incredibly still at the centre , having patience and just brushing off, what doesn't belong to you.

Without saying a word.

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peacefulandcalmEncourager in reply to Flipin9

fantastic! love the poem and what you said here too....I am 52, we are close in age...

beautiful...peace to both of us in the center of the storm, wonderful!

keep writing poems and using the mighty pen, wishing you good wishes... thank you for writing it, it was so good to read and so meaningful to me....<3

I am stoked , thank you.

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