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Complex PTSD

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I am doing CBT. I am working very hard. Using the 5 step grounding technique. 5 see 4 touch. 3 smell. 2 hear( non judgemental) 1 taste.

I have a silk scarf bought for safe touch. I have a cool pack to drop down my back. I have ice cream in my freezer for a taste.

I was surprised . When in truamer give yourself nice things. In each step of grounding.

Miles away from its all your fault.

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Hi Flipin9,

Welcome to the community.

That's great you are using 5 senses technique and have items in place to have them ready.

When in trauma mode, giving yourself nice things can be really healing.

I had this thought a few years ago: if I give myself the care, then I noticed slowly, I felt more 'deserving' and that's really helped me. The actions of self care helped me regain self-esteem and I slowly built up on it.

That's really positive, Thank you for sharing and reminding me how those, even small things do matter...

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Flipin9 in reply to Nathalie99

Yeah, they do.said ' knowingly."

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Flipin9 in reply to Nathalie99

I just read your post with a link for self care. It leaves you with lots of questions to ask . Because everyone is different. Thank you for the reply and thank you for the support.

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Flipin9 in reply to Nathalie99

A bit, bothered what I have written as a reply can be taken the wrong way? I am imagining lots of people on their journey. Just kind of touching base with what touches them through our writing.

It's a great experience. Even more so when I get a reply. I like the fact that there is also just a like button. For when.......everybody's different.

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Nathalie99Partner in reply to Flipin9

Sorry I didn't see your reply, I am not fully back yet after the surgery.

Feel free to ask questions and explore your own path. Each of us has unique circumstances and the context does matter, it makes a difference.

I understand the uncertainty whether or not my reply can be taken the wrong way. If you are not sure, you can check in with the person, if you are comfortable with doing so.

It's not easy just joining and takes a while to get to know people. That's my experience.

I use the "like" button also for acknowledgement of reading someone's reply, as a way of saying "thank you" for replying and when I would like to reply more but can't at that moment so I acknowledge the reply by liking it, which doesn't mean I won't later respond.

It doesn't mean I "like" the suffering. It means I appreciate someone sharing their experiences and I feel for them.

It's a versatile button and each person uses them differently.

Thanks for sharing this and making me think about how I use it...

Your CBT techniques sound good Flipin9!I have heard mention of having an Emotional First Aid Kit ready for those occasions, in much the same way we have plasters and antiseptic wipes for physical injuries, and for myself I would definitely put those techniques in my First Aid box!

As Nathalie says a good reminder and thanks for sharing and hope CBT is of benefit to you.

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CBT is really helping. So much so that now , even my sleep is slowly getting better. Progress can only be made at the person's pace so after years of next to no input. Nessesity was the mother of invention.I got a good therapist and wow. The difference is I can really smile. Not all the time but you know, just couldn't put the opportunity to one side.

And gave it my best shot.

What I am saying is once the noise abates I am feeling more at peace.

Wow that’s so nice to read.. there’s so much noise but the gaps can be found still, thanks for the reminder, sounds like you’re doing really well!

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Flipin9 in reply to LouBL0u

Step 3 is to except a compliment and feel it. Thank you.