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The Work of Richard Louv ~ Nature

Hi wanted to share a new resource a new friend brought to my attention. It is the work of Richard Louv.

I am really jazzed because this is what I have based my parenting and educational philosophy on! Nature concepts are also how I best relate to interacting with others in general.

I've come to the knowledge that I am likely an INFJ using the Myers - Briggs scale in explanation of my personality, perspectives, and bendts. So there is no way around that I NEED these nature concepts in my life. They cannot be sacrificed that is why I am more motivated to live partially outdoors before conforming to an apartment building or trailer community settings. My environment is really important to be fluid and not boxed in. My children seem to flourish in this type of environment as well. And knowing all this also seems to help understand why we often do not click with other families that are so academic that they have no time but for classroom and career.



I'm trying desperately to get through this phase of transition I am in again. Because as I get on the other side of the hurdles I think there are some wonderful connections waiting for us! And maybe some families we can add new perspective to in their own lives.

Thank you all so much for all your thoughts and ideas. I am feeling that one reason I have so much opposition right now is that we, in fact, are on the cuspid of finding our niche in this community we've been transplanted to.

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