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Heal My PTSD
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To the all Caregivers & Nurturers who Give too much to the takers who take too much

Holding onto the outrage

Gives you power.

Being able to recognize

When someone's pressing down on you.

Trying to force their wants

& needs on your own.

Being able to stop yourself

From being compelled

to follow their agendas.

Especially when you know

they are detrimental

To your soul.

Finding your voice

Your willingness

& acceptance

To love & care for yourself.

& To put yourself first for once

It's a process

Not impossible

It starts with no

& ends with such.

& Once you do

They will never regain control.

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Hi x_23

I find reading poetry very healing and helps me to practice reflection......and hopefully some understanding.

I particularly like '....willingness and acceptance to love and care for yourself...' For me it got me thinking about how willing and accepting I'm being about loving and caring for myself.

So many powerful words and meanings.

Thank you x

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Thank you !

It's a process , being able to love , care & repect oneself. & even know who we are .. & at times a daily battle. I see it in others too & best thing to do is to surround yourself with people that truly care & respect you , & eliminate the ones that don't .

Thanks for your reply Whoaminow


I love this. It is so right on. Been there, done that. I am a magnet for these people. I learned to set boundaries and say No without explanation or apologies.

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Thank you! I have a friend who is going through this now & I really wish everyone could see it is possible to be strong without having to be afraid or apologizing . I used to be a magnet for them too but luckily now I see them from a mile away...


Me too. That's why I call everyone I meet, a teacher. The ones before taught me about the ones coming after.

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