Can I brag?

Can I brag?

9 days ago I finished my very first competitive 5K walk! Not only that, I was the only one of four in my class (70-74 females) to finish!

I have had both hips replaced and one knee, have OA practically everywhere as well as fibromyalgia, sleep apnea and of course ptsd, among other things! but I love my life and haven't been depressed for more than a year! Of course I had to work up to it very gradually, and am still nursing a sore foot, but WTH, I did it!

Thanks, just wanted to pass along how much change is possible if you make the choices, get the help (lots and lots of it!!!), and do the work.

Photo shows me near the finish near Wolfe Park, Columbus Ohio. The tee was given to all registered participants. Walk benefitted Amethyst Women's Recovery Services.

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  • Awesome!! Go you!!! such an amazing achievement, it looks beautiful where you are in the photo. You should be proud of yourself!! :)

  • Thanks. I is a beautiful course, mostly along the Alum Creek Greenway Trail, part of a regional trail system. Lots of big trees, green grass, and the creek. I even saw one house across the creek that had a waterfall. I'm so jealous lol!

  • Wow!!! I am jealous too. That sounds just lovely. It's nice that you have access that beautiful green space!!!! Take care of your foot and rest up :)

  • Yes, we also have a wonderful regional park system--that I used to work for as a naturalist--as well as city parks like Wolfe. The greenways connect many of them, and also connect to the state of Ohio trail system.

    Thanks, good advice. I'm about to go on vacay with my bro in law, and I'm going to make him do all the work lol!

  • Wow! That's amazing and very inspirational!

    You have so much to be proud of. I like your attitude...

  • Thank, I like my attitude too lol! It helps that I had a mom who always said you're never too old to do whatever you want!

  • Oh btw, I was also the oldest person to finish!

  • Ohh, that's absolutely fantastic. What a huge aceivement! You should be So Very proud of yourself! You go girl, showed them what you were made of‼️👍😜🍾

  • ThanksI

  • Meant to say that your an inspiration to us all.

    Congratulations 👏🍾‼️

  • WAY TO GO!!! What a terrific accomplishment especially given all you've been challenged with!

    I'm so glad you shared the great news with us. So encouraging on what is possible.

  • Thanks everybody for all your kind words! I'm bragging to anyone who will listen hahaha!

  • So inspiring and I'm so proud of you and so grateful for your openness to brag!

  • What a TERRIFIC report!! Good Job!!

    I agree, You really are an inspiration!!

    Thanks for the push to get out and try something new--I love your outlook!!

    Don't ever stop!!


  • Wow. Congratulations. Great picture. Thanks for sharing. Good for you. Awesome.

  • I am inspir3d to hear something positive. Keep bragging.

  • Yes! You go girl! You're very inspirational. I love your good spirit and positive vibes. 😊😊😊

  • Thanks so much everybody! Just wish I'd get over the sore foot..may or many not be a stress fracture.

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