A good day

I went to an optometrist today and told him upfront why I was uncomfortable to be there. Each step of the way I told him what was making me uncomfortable. He was receptive and really helped me through each moment. Even when I felt really uncomfortable he would let me take a break and even helped me with my breathing. So it had probably been about thirty years since I could do the puffed air. So he helped me do that and I was successful. So yay!

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  • good job. Expressed your feelings and your needs, and got what you needed done.

  • Thank you. Expressing my needs is very new for me. I've allowed myself to just try to deal with it inside. I'm glad I'm taking the risk and expressing myself. I feel more successful. Thanks for the encouragement.

  • Well done you! You should be proud of yourself 😊⭐️⭐️⭐️X

  • Thank you. I feel proud of myself. Thanks for encouraging me.

  • You did great! Asking upfront and taking it step by step.

    I have done it with my dentist and was lucky he had patience with me. But some doctors or nurses do care and ask if you are comfortable, explain each step, how will it feel etc. This makes such a difference.

  • Congratulations on asking for what you need with your dentist. Yes it makes all the difference in the world for health professionals to care about us. Thanks for the encouragement.

  • Congratulations on having the courage to say your needs out loud! I find it so challenging sometimes.

    I finally did it last time I was at my dentist and was so proud of myself.

    You definitely had a victory today. You should give yourself a lot of credit! So happy to hear you had a kind and considerate doctor as well😃

  • I'm so glad that you asked for what you needed at the dentist. That is wonderful. It's really new for me to ask for what I need. Yes it's nice finding a doctor that is really caring and receptive.

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