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Heal My PTSD
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Binaural Beats for coping

For me, listening to binaural beats on you tube has helped me to re-think my paranoid thoughts and shut out invasive thoughts or flashbacks. It helps me relax when I listen to them as a meditation aid. I find it hard to meditate without soothing background noise. These are frequencies that have different effects (read the description of the video). Some have added sound effects like rain or birds, and some are just the tones. I love the simple ones, but it depends on what mood I am in. This may not work for you, so test with caution, but for me... oh it's so great!!!

Check out this one

it's the one I'm listening to right now! It's very relaxing! Tell me what you think!

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btw you need headphones for these! the big padded stereo headphones work best!


You know who makes me very relaxed? Krishna Das. His deep voice and chants must actually change my brain waves.

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