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Music for healing


I want to share something with you that I have been using in my recovery lately.

I have been meditating for a while now and, I really enjoy meditating to peaceful new age music, or just listening to nature sounds to relax.

But I recently found a sampler of a CD collection called Musicure, and I found it to be more than just relaxing music. I use the CD's when I can't get anything else to calm me down, like on a day where I'm facing a relapse and I need something to help me recover, I can listen to the music on my iPod and get at really good and long nap. They also improve my mood, make me joyful and inspired.

It's sort of a dream journey with different themes, like "fairytales" or "equator". The CD's are actually used for people who are hospitalized and need help to relax and to ease depression. But they work wonderfully for PTSD symptoms as well. My sister who doesn't have PTSD uses them to get to sleep at night.

My favourite one is "Northern lights" because it can make me relax on the most difficult days, and it almost always work:)

You can buy musicure on iTunes or on their official website where you can listen to beautiful samples of the different CD's

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Fantastic share! Music can be so incredibly powerful in how it interacts with both the science of the brain and also how it moves our emotions. You might find this article and referral interesting:...


Thanks so much for the tip! I'll check them out. Today is the anniversary of my brothers suicide. I came as close to hyperventilating as I ever have last night missing him and reading letters from him. I think this music could have helped me...


Has anyone tried musicure now? I Think it is one of the most powerful tool to ease, heal, and calm my symptoms on a Daily basis. What is your experience ?:)


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