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Back pedaling

Hi everyone. ... just a note to let you know I haven't posted for quite awhile.

I haven't been feeling good. I'm getting to the bottom of it tho.....dreams are bad again. ....I wake crying, so I immediately start praying and meditate. I need to, or I will never get out of bed.

Seeing my doc next week & my therapist the following week.

Pray for me. I don't understand my huge setback!!!

Prayers are always welcome.

Thanks to everyone in advance for all your

great words of wisdom. I need your help.

I always pray for everyone on this site!

God bless


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Hello SP.

I'm sorry that you're having a tough time. And yes of course I will say a prayer for you. When you pray, pray in faith and know that what you ask for and need, shall be done and given to you.


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Thank you so much!


You're very welcome ☺


You are definitely in my thoughts and prayers. I hate the seemingly unexplained set backs. Hopefully you'll be able to figure it out. It will get better, I have to remind myself of that when I'm in a place like this. And it does, it just seems like it can't/won't/will never when in the midst of it. It seems like SO many people have been struggling since this year began.

I hope you can at least find comfort in the fact that at least a few people ARE praying for you and sending you healing light and energy. I don't know about you but when I know that someone out there is thinking about me and the pain I'm in, and making an effort to pray or understand, it helps immensely!

Good luck, you are not as alone as you may feel!



That was the nicest reply you sent to me. I thank you very much. I do think you are right. Just knowing someone is out there thinking of me and sending prayers helps a great deal.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

My ptsd has been going on so long ,4 years, it get tiring.

I'm tired of crying, and having to critique each day. Why can't each day be pretty much routine, like b4 my ptsd. I will try anything to get back to my normal life.

I'm mourning my sweet Dad as well, so I've not given up on God helping me. It seems He is the only one who can. I need peace in my life. My dreams have started again and I'm told I'm talking in my sleep too.

Years of therapy seems to be continuing for me.

Thanks again.

Kind regards & stay in touch.

Good luck & God Bless you!


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I love my Guardian Angel very much and recently asked him to help me and pray for me. I'm Catholic, so this is a very important part of my life with God. If you are comfortable, ask your Guardian Angel to help you. It is a beautiful relationship that brings out the child, and the child of God, in me. I'm never ashamed to feel wrecked, helpless, and defeated with my Guardian Angel. I am also offering a prayer for you.


Thanks....that was a very warm post. Maybe I will try asking my guardian angel for help. I'm currently doing a 54 day Novena....it's basically the rosary with the 3 mysterious. Honoring our mother Mary Queen of the Holy rosary.

Funny you mentioned that bc my Dad always called me his guardian angel, but mostly told his doctors and nurses that I was. I cared for him the last 5 years, and he passed last April. So, I haven't heard the words guardian angel in all most a year, till I read your post.

Hmmm....maybe he's mine now. I wonder.

Thanks IChoose....you brought comfort to me.

Kind regards



I KNOW, I HEARD THE WORDS, TELL THAT PERSON JESUS LOVES THEM. MANY VISIONS AND REVELATIONS HAVE I RECEIVED, I ...[SOMETHING ... JESUS CHRIST WAS CRUCIFIED, KNOW NOTHING BUT THAT, IT'S ... THE DAILY BREAD,... I CAN'T EAT, BUT THE [BODY OF JESUS CHRIST, JOHN CHAPTER 6, FROM VERSE 53 - 63, EVEN VERSE 67, AND MORE], I DRAW [I TRY TO DRAW, EVEN IF JUST FOR A LITTLE BIT, AND NIT A COMPLETE PICTURE, PRAY FOR COVERINGS OVER SOME, AS WHEN I HAVE 'dark VISIONS', and / or I 'have a bad day,'; I PRAY FOR GOD'S WORDS TO BE TRANSLATED INTO MY LIFE, I FIND I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT HIM [THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, AS THE HOLY BIBLE DESCRIBES] TALKING TO ME, OR SHOWING ME SOMETHING, as I'VE 'got MEMORY damage', ... I have had 4 years 'trauma', and 'PTSD' too, at least 4, since CHRISTMAS 2011 ... ongoing too, the demons have been trying to make the same thing. ALL I CAN SAY IS, I CAN'T 'ignore' [THE LORD] JESUS CHRIST, HOW HE LOVED ME, AND EVEN WHEN HE DIED FOR ME, WHEN I was a 'sinner', I was, STRAIGHT FACT, HE DIED FOR MY sins, past of now, future of now, and right now, if I'M doing any and I can't help them, or more accurately, don't know, or don't remember, and any sins I didn't mention. 'THEY'RE AS IF THEY'VE NEVER BEEN DONE,' 'LIKE AN EDITTED...' MY LIFE 'IS LIKE AN EDITED PAPER' ... HOW CAN I, 'not LOVE HIM BACK?' GOD LOVES US SO MUCH, HE EVEN FELT OUR PAIN, and our worse... beyond words to describe, 'bad stuff', ISAIAH 53, [VERSE 4,] (5 IS GOOD TOO, FOR HEALING); HE EVEN BORE 'what I'M carrying / was carrying' RIGHT NOW / seconds ago; HE CONVINCED ME, THAT HE'S STRONGER THAN I AM, ... MORE CAPABLE OF CARRYING IT, ... THAN ME, MORE THAN I... MUCH MORE... I CAN'T DESCRIBE... I CAN ONLY PRAY, THAT THE LORD GOD GIVES YOU A REVELATION... OF HOW WILLING HE IS TO TAKE 'em .. 1 PETER 5-V7, EPHESIANS 3-16,TO21; EVEN THOUGH it seems, I 'keep getting the griefs piled on me, - I mean, are my enemies who fly around and both -that and see a bit- in the Spiritual Realm- mistaking me For the Messiah, oops, I did pray they'd Only See Jesus, But Not for that; THANKFULLY THERE'S CHAPTER 53, VERSE 6 IN ISAIAH, AND 1 JOHN 2:2 - AND THOUGH I DON'T UNDERSTAND, PROVERBS 3:5 IS THERE, SO I TRUST HIM. I'M ... HIS CHILD. Personally, I think We're like children, almost [if not], everybody. That's why [I think] that's why we must be humble, humble ourselves, [to acknowledge THIS.]


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