chronic fatigue

im really gutted i was hoping that it was something that would pass you know how ptsd symptoms wax and wane but it was the sleeping and the debilitating tiredness that got to me and then someone mentioned that was how it was for them when they got chronic fatigue i had it about five years ago and i kind of forgot what it was like i man i hope that with some rest and being real gentle with myself i can get it to get lost i just dont need it ........thanks everyone for listening

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  • Hang in there! (((hugs))))

  • Yes rest. Listen to your body. I have to do that and yes it was me who said I had chronic fatigue syndrome. My understand of it is that it comes and goes or my experience of it I mean. You do have to just allow yourself to go with the body on it. Fighting it has not helped me. I didn't mean to upset you it was just what you were describing was my experience of it. It's not an everyday thing for me but some days all I can do it get up showered and dressed and that's all for the day. Other days you wouldn't know I ha dot I get everything I need to get done, done. It is for me definitely about listening to my body and on bad days resting without guilt.

  • I've had chronic fatigue, too, that developed when our daughter was a colicky baby. It was one of the worst periods of my life. As a new mother, I felt it was all my fault because she was crying so much, and the guilt, lack of sleep, and exhaustion led to chronic fatigue that was diagnosed by our family doctor. I remember catching every cold, sore throat, and flu that was going around, and I would be at the doctor's every two weeks. I could not walk across the room without getting tired.

    I had to learn to go with what my body needed, which was long naps, good nutrition, and the minimum of activities. I also had to stop comparing myself to other new mothers who were happy, energetic, and enjoying their babies. It's about good self-care and being gentle to myself, just as you said, funkygypsy, in both physical and emotional areas. I noticed a big improvement once I looked after myself, which is something that people with ptsd tend to ignore.

    The good news is that it will get better, and everything you do for yourself will produce improvements.

  • thank you for that post i found it really really encouraging thanks heaps

  • You're welcome! Glad it helped!

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