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Hospitalization time

I wrote a long post and lost it on this very sensitive tablet. To repeat and.make this short, there have been too many severe trigger situations. I find I need an in hospital stay. Can anyone in the Philadelphia area tell me if any of the psych wards or hospitals in Philly area actually treat nonmilitary PTSD. I don't have much time. It is Urgent yet not an Emergency.

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I know Kennedy Hospital in Cherry Hill NJ has a crisis unit. Don't know much about Philly but Kennedy in right over both bridges. Call your local ER or hot line and ask them if there is anything closer. Find someone you trust if possible to support you thru the steps. Good luck and stay focused. There is help and this moment will pass


I've had this happen several times on here... Most online forums will forget what you are writing, at some point for some reason! ... Especially if it is long!

I don't try to write things that are difficult and long on online things anymore...

Michelle probably remembers me writing her about it on here... The really big problem is you spend a long time trying to get it out... It may be important to you, or is a really good thing you want others to understand( for their benefit) then it's just gone!!!! Talk about frustrating!!! Lol

It may be something you won't be able to do again! Perhaps because it triggers you...

Perhaps you just can't remember it( both things that are PTSD symptoms!

These days, I use either pages(apple ipad word processor) or a note program(witch occasionally looses it too!!!) pages is the best...even if the power goes out, it has saved itself somewhere in the process!

Sometimes I even just write it... Someone else could then transcribe it...

I have also found dragon dictate useful for this too...it's rather inexpensive for the ipad, and you can speak it and it transcribes it as you go... Then put it away till your trigger has subsided, then go at it again from the pause!

That is how I got my story down on paper! Write or tell a bit, stop for three days, or a week or two, then go again...reading the thing to figure out where you are seems easier than writing it too!! I guess I'm less invested when reading it and there is less emotion coming up!


Oh yeah... Don't ever leave your post on here without copying and saving it... It takes only a minute or two to loose it... You can't go to another web page to get a link or a photo without risking loosing what you wrote!


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