Heal My PTSD

Bad day!!

I just knew when I woke up this morning that this would not be a good day!! Been having some decent days behind me but like always they never last, because there is always some bad feelings or triggers that appear, even when I don't want them too.

Some days it's even a battle to get out of bed...

Today I just feel sad, have overwhelming thoughts in my head...and the constant question, why did I have to get this stupid annoying PTSD, I never asked for it.

But it's a part of my life now so I have to try and get through these bad moments somehow...and I will.

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For the longest time (years), I thought I was a bad person because I felt bad all the time. I look at pictures of myself as a six year old and see the haunted look of a trauma survivor from the violence that I lived in. "Stupid annoying PTSD." I can so relate to that. I find my awareness of triggers and avoiding the causes (often family) helps me have better days. My awareness of them also helps me choose other paths and ways of reacting so I can enjoy my days and myself more. Hang in there.

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Thanks!! It's nice to know I am not alone out there feeling this way!


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