My Dog

I decided today that i will go sit in the living room. So here i am, in the living room. Im keeping my self in here by being online, phone in my face, so im not really here am i? Then my dog sits down beside me on the couch, looks at me smiling sloppy kisses on the cheek. I think hes proud of me for this small amount of progress, and that hes not stuck in the bedroom with me day and night in the dark hiding like a troll lol. Now i think ill watch some tv.

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  • YAY!!! A baby step!!! Congratulations! I celebrate every baby step I take, and have a couple of friends who are my cheerleaders - they cheer me on and celebrate with me. Keep up the good work! I'll be your cheerleader. :D

  • Well done. So tough sometimes isn't it. I just plucked up the courage to open the mail. Can't always face it. Opened a letter for my husband and he has been referred for an emergency CT scan suspected Cancer. He never told me I think he did not want to stress me. His mum died of lung cancer and Lee was warned it's hereditary. He is so adorable and caring - speechless. I now have to wait five hours until he is home from work so worried for him he does smoke

  • The first step is always the most difficult -- and the most rewarding. Now you've seen what you can do.... it paves the way for more small steps that lead to other comfortable successes. Well done!

  • Yep sloppy wet kisses are the best rewards! It normally means your on the right path if they are giving them! :)

  • A dog, even if it isn't a certified service dog, can be a great way to help you get out - even if its just to the living room. I have been trying to find a school that will be able to match me with a dog to help with social anxiety. I've been having my Sister's dog Gizmo come for short visits, like a few days at a time. It's helped me to find the courage to go out on my own a little farther each day. I went from going to my mailbox (which is just down the hall), to taking the garbage out to walking roughly 3 1/2 to 4 blocks from my place to the Dollar Store, Subway, Mac's and a donair place which are all in the same strip mall. It's about a 15-20 minute walk both ways, and I see this as a huge achievement. Still not comfortable in social situations, even with family, but can manage short trips to the mall once every few weeks. In THAT situation, I'm pretty jumpy, but I manage. I just don't like having people behind me, and am very aware of my personal space. BUT IT CAN BE DONE. Just do it at you're own pace, and don't let people push you around. Just take Baby Steps. You CAN DO THIS!!!!

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