I would never have known the lovely people in this forum if I did not have ptsd. No seriously. I mean it. Also I have just received my PIP letter I am on the enhanced rate. Sounds strange to say but I feel like my trauma has been validated by an official body. Made me sob but I'm not sad - not today anyway. The picture is of our old cat who is 21 and partially blind. Meet Tigger.


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  • I'm pleased for you Margot - it does sound strange to say it, but it is indeed validation that your trauma is real and has been acknowledged by the powers that be. I take it you will get more benefit which has got to be a good thing and hopefully you will be able to relax a bit more now and breathe a sigh of relief - for today at least. I can imagine that a lot of your energy has been spent on fighting for what you deserve and need. Well done you! You mentioned therapy in previous posts, will this be on the NHS?

    Pleased to meet Tigger!. He looks good for his age and must give you a lot of comfort.

  • Hi Harry,

    Still fighting employers they will not let me retire early due to ill health. They want to fire me based on capability because it will be cheaper for them. My therapy is through victim (hate that word) support. Not sure how many free ones I will get. Tigger and I are growing old together but I fear she does not have much longer. Yes she's a girl. lol. I know weird name. What can I say my boys were very little when they named her.

  • What a lovely post, and I agree , it is wonderful to have supportive people around. I share your thoughts on this. Gemma X

  • The best bit Gemma are we are everywhere so there is almost always someone awake. Because of a different time zone or just mutual insomnia x

  • sweet ...love the cat

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