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Hi there I'm michelle I have ptsd suffered with anxiety for over year now but 7 month now I've had these awful symptoms dissociation panics attacks flash backs memory loss disconnected from my self the world I'm just this scared crying mess trying to cope as a mum I feel empty lost scared I've had cbt which didn't help I see A mental health worker but he's not very supportive i see a physicists every two months as I'm on medication to stop panic attacks feel like the biggest frailer my partner is so unsupportive I'm just alone in all of this please help !!!

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Its tough....I dont even bother talking to my husband about it all....dont even want to go there...havent found anyone who seems to be of any help...except for sights like this or my T..... so hang in there....chat rooms can help, have you tried group sessions?


You're never as alone as you feel -- we're all here and have, in our own ways, experienced similar things.

It sounds like it may be time (1) to find a new therapist -- not all of them are equipped to help with PTSD, (2) to adjust your meds.

Whenever things went downhill in my own healing I took that as a sign that I needed a new process. There are so many ways to recover that it really becomes all about being open to trying new approaches until you find the practitioner and the method that most resonate with you.


Welcome Micky14! Now you are not alone! We are all PTSD survivors and we are all in different stages of our recovery. The good news is that It is possible to heal from PTSD. It really is! 😊

I think Michelle R. gave you good advice. Is it possible for you to find a different therapist, one with extensive experience in helping PTSD survivors? Recently, a forum member asked about how to find a good therapist. I will try to find the thread and post it here.

Please try to be as compassionate and kind to yourself as you would to another person in your same situation. What would you say to that person? Can you say the same to yourself? It does not help to beat yourself up over what you have no control over right now. You can gain control by establishing good self-care habits, practicing breathing techniques and using emotional regulation and coping skills. Would it help if I post some links for you?

Everything you are going through is understandable. You can get lots of knowledge and support here. I hope you continue sharing. We are here for you!

With Compassion,



Some links would be great I've been to my doctors today the medication is to strong so it's spacing me out not fun when u have anxiety but I'm on a lower dose I've used my coping skills today smell sight touch and self soothing it's just this weird feeling like I'm not myself I can sense :-(


Hi Micky! Glad you used coping skills today. Sorry the meds have you all spaced out. Not fun! :(

Here is a thread written recently by usedtoteach on how to find a therapist. I sure hope you can find one who understands PTSD. healthunlocked.com/healmypt...

I will add some more links tomorrow. Glad you have joined us! :)


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