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I was Hit By a Bus

Since the six followup surgeries, and a month of Nursing Home 'Rehab' I've had dreams that repeat not dream event by dream event but each with a result of inability to escape. The Dreams are often cartoon like, but the inability to escape isn't a joke. I asked this forum once if members felt that PTSD is treatable, and therefore realistically curable, or simply brought on by stress after a terrifying event in one's life.

I go for long periods without having that dream pattern appear. I miss a lot of sleep because of RLS, please moderators does not make this an RLS issue, if that is the belief here then, I should be posting to a Motorman's forum since it was a bus that hit me. Regardless of what other conditions I have the nightmare dreams didn't begin until I experienced a Trauma, Being Bus 54'ed.

The dreams reoccur when I'm stressed. I've tried a therapist I did my best to avoid saying Get Real. My accident was 9/1/2004 today is 3/22/2015. I haven't slept for days, Are any of you afraid to go to sleep,, too?

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Yes...well right after my trauma i had anxiety through the roof and not only could i not sleep, but i avoided sleep. Im at a weird place in my recovery, but i still have been 6 months without any real deep sleep. I believe I have an overactive mind, and I've built a sleep anxiety ontop of it, and I've completely lost the ability to fall asleep, its like i forgot.

Couple months ago i had two nights of deep sleep..im hoping the next time i catch some sleep i can carry it over and extend it as sleep calms the mind.

I used to have nightmares about my traumas too, but i believe the best way to deal with them is to have them and try to realize they are dreams and deface them rather then create a fear for sleep, i know its difficult, but its not good to do. Sleep is key and i know the emotional/stressfull parts of it are at times hell. but its also the way the brain processes/along with therapy. I wish you the best of luck, i hope i didn't ramble too much.


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