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Freaky Dream

I woke up from this freaky dream ...I was at home in a fetal position, full of anxiety and fear.

Was sent to a mental hospital, upon entering there not only was I full of fear and anxiety but could feel everyone elses.

I am not a fearfull person..infact I wasnt allowed to be fearful as a child, so this is a very unusual type of dream for me.

There has been many times the T has asked me about my fear do to my anger issues...but cant relate...I think I have so conditioned myself to reject even the notion of being fearful that I dont recognise the emotion.

Any thoughts?

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In PTSD we develop coping mechanisms to keep ourselves safe and in control. It's possible that this is related to your fear disconnect. In some ways it can be a healthy preservation process to get you through stressful events. Of course, in healing we all learn that recovery requires us to learn to feel again.

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