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Heal My PTSD
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Dream maker - YOU!!

Until something changes

Nothing will change

It's so true - Makes one want to move forward - change is hard BUT if one wants to move forward & what you've been doing isn't bringing about positive change for you then maybe one needs to take a look @ what needs to happen so one can see & experience change - rethink where you are & were you want to move toward & on day capture your elusive dream - "if you don't dream how you gonna have a dream come true?" Food for thought - my thoughts.

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I agree change is hard, yet essential if you want to move forward. I struggle with my illness daily and I don't feel like getting out much, but I am isolated and I know that I need to make more social connections. I am going to a group tonight for survivors for the first time and I do feel a sense of fear, but I am going to go anyway. I think it is important for me to connect with people who understand some of what I go through. Here's to courage and change.

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I have had my dreams dashed for ever and I keep on trying. I stay away from those people now. I know who they are. I have to do what i know is right for me and works for me. People who always find fault with me and not the good may really believe they are helping but they just don't know any better. I played a song for a former friend years ago and instead of telling me what he thought of it he told me I should play it his way. I asked a former friend what he thought of my lyrics and melody and he critiqued my recording quality. I had told him is was amateur quality but he focused on the negative. People like that are losers. I stick with the positive people now thanks.

I read your post & you need to purchase the Alanon book Courage to change. Today's reminder' Just for today. I will appreciate myself. I will NOT look for others for approval.I will provide it for myself. I'll allow myself to recognize that I'm doing the best I can. Today my best is good enough.

"Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart".

These are from that book - Today Jan. 9 - a daily reading & it usually somehow turns out to be exactly what you needed to hear. Try it - You'll like it.

Your right if someone is toxic for you - walk away - life's to short, to bother w/them - I believe we deserve better!

I like this one " you headlights only see 200 feet in front of you. But you can drive all the way to California that way"

here's another good one - some people think they have all the answers - and I believe God created us in his image & gave us the skills, knowledge & the ability to access these gifts. It says he gave us everything we need to make it. Sometimes having to dig deep. He has a positive plan for each of us. Love this saying - think about it - we've lived things other can only imagine - WHEN YOU KNOW WHAT I KNOW, PLUS WHAT YOU KNOW, YOU'LL BE SMARTER THAN ME!!!! Cool hey. Let it sink in - makes sense & their are many who prefer NOT to get this. They think they have the corner on smart. Dream on!

Yes, your 200 ft. Is accurate - I liked.

Also, the movie Ya Ya Sisterhood - w/Sandra Bullock & James Garner - this one made me cry & as a rule I doN'T cry. Something said @ the end resignated - awesome thought. Think this maybe a chick flick - try it you might like it.

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