Grudge Match

Grudge Match

Did anyone see this movie with Robert DeNiro and Sylvester Stallone? Great movie. Anyway, I found myself dealing with grudges and the like on New Year's Eve. I knew something was wrong because I became physically ill, yuck. Why? Because I was holding un-forgiveness and harboring ill-will. It's a challenge to forgive those who do you wrong. When you don't the only one who suffers is you. Holding grudges is not the business. Plus it takes too much energy. It's better to heal rather than be bitter. Lesson learned back to r&r.

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  • I actually went to movie the same day was out and the movie was aawesome and I watched it 2nd time once was out on Red Box .

  • Awesome movie I watched it 2 times and I both actors are my favorite i laugh like crazy Kevin ask this guy what will Jesus look like? Lol

  • I'm working on this right now. Thank you.

  • You're welcome!

  • Yes I agree forgiveness frees us. I forgive but I also try not to allow that energy to hurt me again in the future. Sometimes that's hard to figure out.

  • JFK said " forgive your enemies. But never forget their names"

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