Practicing what Michele posted

Had an acquaintance post some political bigotry on my page, and after I blocked, deleted, and ranted about it there, I had a terrible clenched feeling around my heart. But then I remembered what Michele had said about the brain being able to change moods in 90 seconds, if we allow it to. So I took some deep intentional breaths, let myself relax physically, and as the clenched feeling around my heart loosened, a wonderful sense of empowerment took its place. Hey, I can _do_ this! I don't have to stay clenched up! Yay, progress!

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  • That is so cool! Congratulations on adding this support technique to your toolbox! You showed me something as well - thank you - because I hadn't heard about doing that! :)

  • It's in the post about brain neuroplasticity, if I remember right.

  • I'll give it a read - I missed it! Thanks for the info!

  • Welcome!

  • :)

  • Yay!

  • :)

  • that's wonderful, thanks for sharing!

  • Thanks! In the past, I've felt at the mercy of emotions, so finding something that puts me back in control is a very good feeling!

  • Good for you mate i am glad that the breathing technique was able to help you when you needed it i hope you are feeling better now mate good luck and best wishes. Poohbear'

  • Thanks! I had a nice walk to the bakery to get my loaf of gluten-free bread, and a warm house to come back to, so the morning's off to a good start. :)

  • Hey Murray

    Good for you dear one. Thank you for sharing your victories and strength in trying something new

  • It is good that you are focusing on all the small wonderful things in your life. It is so easy for us to put all of our attention on triggers or possible triggers. The good aspects are always there too just waiting for us to notice them! I'm going to try to spend today finding things I can smile about.

  • It's so encouraging to hear of your success, Murrday! :) I especially love when you said you felt the sense of empowerment. Your post helps to confirm that the science works. I will remember this and try it myself. Thank you!

  • Yes! You waited! I did that this am and it is so good to know that the suffocating feeling will go away if I give it time. Thanks for sharing your yay! :)

  • Awesome!!!! Thanks for trusting the information and the process -- and for trusting yourself that you could take what you learned and successfully use it to your benefit. It's so tempting to think we're powerless in those moments, but you saw first-hand how you can shift into being powerful instead. Now, in future moments you will have this as your foundation. Hmmmm..... Imagine what a change that will bring and how much more quickly you will shift into feeling better more often when you CHOOSE to. That's the process of healing. Yay!

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