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Poem for the day

Poem for the day

Rest, O My Soul — Sybil Gibson

Rest, O my soul,

Rest in the love the Lord has for you.

Though the winds of life blow

Till you suffer their cutting edge,

Know that in time

The softer breezes will caress you

With God’s own comfort.

You will rise up with new confidence

As you receive again

His healing touch,

the balm of heaven.

Rest, O my soul.

The heart of God is always with you.

He is mindful of your needs

And waits to answer your prayers.

Open yourself to His presence.

Allow Him time.

Allow Him place in your day.

He would bring you joy and peace.

He would lead you to a more abundant life.

Come, my soul, join the dance. (1997)

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I enjoyed your poem - I too believe & can't remember ever being alone - it's a awesome realization that you are never alone - his loving grace is present daily. All of nature wheather in full bloom or resting. Is there anything more beautiful than a sunset or sunrise. Think maybe sometimes one needs to look @ all the things around us that we take for granted & just be thankful that were here to enjoy it. Just take it all in & be 100% into what in nature trips our trigger. Remember to enjoy what God has given us & it cost us nothing -free how fantastic is that. Just my thought.


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