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Hello. just coming up for air and beginning to love myself more and more everyday. I realise that PTSD made me think i was less than, needed more of, lacking everything and helpless. This led me to a cul de sac where the only person to pull me up was me. I have begun to pull myself up and am letting go of the things that I allowed to pull me down. I get up ..i fall ..i get up and stay up longer and then fall again . Only now I smile when I fall and indulge in the little wins everyday. Glad to be here.

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  • Way to go, Doireann! Glad you're here, and loving yourself more daily. That is awesome. PTSD can sure suck the life out of you, can't it - I do relate. I'm glad you're pulling yourself up, letting go of things that drag you down. I sure understand "i get up...i fall... I get up and stay longer" - it does feel like that. Glad you're smiling! :)

    This is a great resource, with lots of people who just - get it!

  • Go YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Your positive attitude is lovely. I'm reading a book about happiness. Celebrating the little wins and staying with the happy moments just a few seconds longer helps rewire our brains to to enjoy life more. Our PTSD brains are mega wired to look for danger. I'm really trying, to notice more and stay focused on the good things in my life. It sounds so easy but is a challenge for me. I think you are doing great!

  • Nice to here someone else celebrates sucess☺ glad you're here too

  • It's good to read that im not the only one that feels like this. That's how I feel. I find it hard to love myself. I get complimented by people and I cant understand why. Can't see what they see. I feel helpless at the moment. I need my life to change but it's me that needs to change it but I don't know where to start because I'm frightened.

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