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As during this process, a wave of grief hit me last night. What I discovered was bitterness at the root of tears. I discovered the feelings of injustice on so many levels. My memory thought of the love that was lost. I had so many losses. My best friend, my heart was supposed to be here, but he died this year. He promised to be here. I thought how am I supposed to recover without him. I loved him for 19 years. You can't control life. God is in control, yet there are moments I have questions. I know the answers will come. I discovered that bitterness is not good for me and that it affects everything I do. So I started reading articles about people who overcame bitterness. I read some inspiring articles. I need to get passed the anger. This is a moment that's Bitter-SWEET! Help!

Here's a song to process everything:

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Hi PoeticOvercomer,

Thank you for sharing your deepest feelings and for the bitter-sweet song. I am so sorry to hear of your many losses, including the recent death of your best friend/heart. I am glad you are strong enough to grieve and also to read inspirational articles on how to best heal your heart and soul again. You are amazingly courageous, strong, loving and hugely inspirational.

Know you remain very loved. ((BIG HUGS))


Hi Stuck1 thank you for your response. You're awesome! I appreciate it.


hi.I know wat your talking about.there are so many loses that we never have any control over and may never get any answers to.I am so sorry this has happened to you and I feel your sadness in what you have written.

I too struggled with anger for a while but have now moved past it.at times it feels like a long distant memory,which it is,but at others I can still feel it the same.

you sound like a strong person and I am wishing you the very best.

stay strong and know that you are not alone.xx


Hi martinerd be strong! Continue. Thanks for your response.


This may sound weird but it seems that bitterness works for artists. We write songs about our bitterness. We paint it or write sarcastic comics or stories about it. Comedians make jokes about it and script writers write plays and movies about it. Poe, Hemingway and scores of others have poured their bitterness out for us to see and they did it brilliantly.

I guess I'm saying if you can't get rid of it, use it. But if you can't use it, get rid of it.


Good day HealingArtist! Thanks for the response. Yesterday I was able to tap into my artistry and was able to write releasing bitterness. Your response is a great reminder of what do with pain. Some of the best love songs comes out of pain. Anyway, hope your day will be grand!


Read and DO this book

Living in the Shadow of the Ghosts of Grief

By Alan D. Wolfelt, Ph.D.


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