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Helpful website for self education on PTSD/CPTSD

I've been using the website 'Patients Like Me' to learn more about and monitor my own CPTSD, on the 'Patients Like Me' website you can -

* Learn from others

Compare treatments, symptoms and experiences with people like you and take control of your health

* Connect with people like you

Share your experience, give and get support to improve your life and the lives of others

* Track your health

Chart your health over time and contribute to research that can advance medicine for all


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Great idea, Molly, thanks for posting! I love resources that offer a personalized community experience that's both educational and supportive.


Thanks Michele, I agree. I came across this site not longer after I learned from you that we have to take responsibility and become our own specialists in healing - I don't remember how you put it exactly but for me it was one of those big 'light-bulb' moments that moved me along on my recovery path.


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