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stellate ganglion block for PTSD

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Has anyone had this treatment done before?

It was gifted to me by a family friend who had incredible success after one treatment.

I go in in less than 2 weeks!

Curious if any of you had had it, considered it, are getting it, or have heard about it.

If you’re not familiar, Google and YouTube will bring up videos from Good Morning America and other prominent venues.

The main doctor in the videos will be performing my treatment 🙂

I am thankful & hopeful as I have been struggling with PTSD and probably CPTSD for decades.

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Hi. I am afraid I can't offer you any insights as I had never heard of this before reading your post. I have just read up on it and it sounds incredible. I just want to wish you all the best with your treatment.

I have been having EMDR which has been completely amazing and has had great results.

I hope you will update us on how things go for you.

All the best. 🙂🌸

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brokenlight in reply to Marnie22


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I did not know until you mentioned it.

Just read about it and watched the docs talk.

It looks promising. I did not read a lot. But it really does look promising. The doc talking seems genuine.

Good for you for trying it. To me, it looks good so far. I will do more research.

Curious too to see if anyone here has done it?

I hope so, and after you do it, maybe you can report back ?

It is in Phoenix and that is close to me.

Good for you, awesome you are going to do it; I hope someone knows, and I think it sounds great from what I just read and your friend had great success so awesome<3


I am still in the recovery process and this experience has been challenging to put into words... but I can say that 3 weeks after receiving SGB in 2 areas, I am experiencing a decrease in my symptoms by at least 75% overall!!! ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

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Nathalie99Partner in reply to brokenlight

Wow, that's huge success! I was wondering about how you are going.

I'm so glad to hear that...

Thank you so much Nathalie99! I really appreciate that! ✨✨✨✨✨

✨ Community - please feel free to reach out to me in regards to this. I don’t have a lot of experience yet, but I’d love to help in any way by answering questions regarding my experience 💙 SBG has literally saved me!

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Nathalie99Partner in reply to brokenlight

I just added this post to the topic Therapy Experiences so that more people can find it and get relief from their symptoms.

You did a very brave thing...

That’s so great!

And thank you Nathalie99! ✨✨✨✨❤️

Hello brokenlight,

I left a note to myself to ask how "stellate ganglion block" worked for you. I can't get anywhere with my C-PTSD with a therapist who says I can't do EMDR when I do not have a safe home to return to. Catch-22.

Are you pleased with the results? And do you recommend I look into it?

I'd appreciate anything you can tell me about what it is, and if it helped you.


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