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Looking for help!

Still have a headache but the pain in my right eye has increased.Both stated to increase after the gamma knife. The pain in the eye is a sharp pain like something is strapping it. That pain comes and goes. The head pain is always there it increases when I bend my head down to eat fold laundry...

I have now been off my Pentoxifylline 400mg and vitamin E for 2 weeks. I believe this was the alternative to

hyperbaric oxygen therapy

I was on a 2 week regimen of steroids to help with The ring around the AVM which they believe is an edema which means swelling in the brain. I have another MRI in July to see if it is still there or gone. If anyone has any ideas on things I can ask at my appointment or ideas how to deal with the pain I'm open. I do take B complete vitamins as well as magnesium &DHA/Omega 3 vitamins.

Thank you for reading!

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Sorry to hear that you are suffering so much more since having the I know nothing gamma procedure. I have no knowledge or experience of what you have had done. Am sure there are others on here who have and will reply. My only suggestion would be to contact the consultant/surgeon by ringing the secretary and leaving a message asking if what you are experiencing is to be expected. I am sure you will get a message back to reassure you or in response to an unexpected concern. Often pain and discomfort is heightened after any op or procedure but often settles and improves with time.

Best wishes

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For constant headpain - when I get my prolonged headaches for example - i will wear a wheat bag on my neck, sometimes supplementing with an ice cold flannel on the forehead if it gets to the point where I need to lie down. I prefer this to pain meds as I dont like to be constantly popping painkillers, which causes s many problems as it solves.

I would check though as Strawberry says that this pain is normal following your op. I deal with my headaches that way because I know they come, they stick around for a few days/weeks, then eventually go again... normal for me and nothing to be overly concerned about. But you have just had brain surgery (which I am assuming is not a regular occurence!) and this pain is telling you something...it may be it is saying I am healing, it may be saying this isn't quite right. You dont understand it well enough to know how to interpret it, but your neuro will know and a call should reassure you.


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