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Diploplia/double vision

I'm new here but looking for any helpful input. I have a unruptured brain aneurysm which is compressed in my 6th and 4th cranial nerves. My main problem is double vision. It's severely disabling and I'm unable to function. I have seen the opthamologist twice and am now off the scale for prism lens. The last appointment I was advised to wear a patch or occluded one eye I now own two patches which help to watch TV but I haven't got the guts to go outside wearing yet...so as a result im staying indoors 24/7. Does anyone who has suffered this problem know any good solutions. I've been trawling the Internet for ideas on changing my diet/alternative therapies/vitamins etc etc but coming up with nothing. Would be so grateful for some advice as I'm isolated and worn out with constantly seeing two blurred images of everything 👀👀 thanks

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Hi Ducky

My Double Vision wasn't as bad as yours, but after my Vision Therapy at Shaylers Vision Centre, I have a much broader field of vision!

They are in Wareham, and I had an assessment before I commenced treatment. If they don't think they can help, they will tell you there and then!

Best of luck




Thankyou. I'll look into that. Some days im convinced my visions improving then bamm..next day I can barely get down my own stairs. Don't know if I'm being overly optimistic or just kidding myself...I'd give any thing to get my vision back as it was. Thankyou


I used a patch, I still do when it's snowing or in rain at night. I can't control where my left eye looks!

I'm lucky as I had botulinum injections into muscles behind eye and then prisms to bring them together.

I'm afraid my injury was very different to yours, the more you use the patches the more you get used to them, I found crossing roads very tricky due to judging distances and speed of traffic. I had someone on my blind side when I wen shopping till I felt comfortable.


I would get a second opinion and in my experience it will take time and you may need to train your eyes again to be able to focus. Anything that happens to the brain usually affects the eyes and ears. I had a problem with my ears and had to train them again. They are ok now...

Please do watch my video blog about recovery. Hope this can help others experiencing similar as I had an aneurysm and a subarachnoid haemorrhage in March this year.


Hi Kavib...watched your blog with interest. Well done on your recovery. Looks like you had a great neuro team and wonderful support from your family and friends which I'm sure really does make all the difference. I couldn't read some of the stuff you had wrote as it reeled too fast and I have daft vision but what I saw was very inspirational. Thanks and get well soon

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Thank you, on the reading you can just pause it to read.... I felt that when I had my SAH there wasn't much out there to read or see what recovery was like so I wanted to raise awareness to be able to help others...

I'm now working with a couple of charities to help people that are recovering. One of them is based in Manchester BASIC they help you with any issues you are having and do rehabilitation x

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Well I'm only in Bolton so I could perhaps get in touch with them. My trouble is my aneurysm hasn't ruptured it's just sitting there giving me hassle so I feel a bit of an imposter on this site as other members seem to be dealing with far greater symptoms and life changing scenarios. It would be nice to get some support as I've categorically been such a grumpy cry baby for the last two years that I've drove most people away!! And as I've always been fiercely independent it's hard now for me to know how to accept help from the ones who have stuck by me. The probs from my aneurysm are more psychological than physical I suppose. I'm starting to handle things much better I think and finding something like this site has definately given me food for though and steely determination to make the best of what I can. Thanks once again Kavib much appreciated.


Hi Ducky and welcome : )


I take it you wear glasses ?

Sorry to hear that you feel unable to go out wearing a patch. Is this because of the way you feel people may judge you or more a question of confidence in judging distance etc when out and about ?

I have recently had to go back to using a stick after 2 1/2 years stick free - I felt embarrassed and self conscious at first but was going stir crazy stuck at home !

I now love my stick - it enables me to be safe and gives me longer use of my legs so I can do more. I have clipped a flashing red dogbone ( the kind used on dog collars ! ) onto it for night walking so I can be seen and am planning on blinging it up with tinsel and festive keyring for Christmas !

If you are a fashionable lady you might try looking up fashion eye patches - why not make a statement ? : )

Hoping you will be able to get out and about soon,

Lovely to meet you,

Angela x

PS I am a lassie from Lancashire too, near Preston : )

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Hi again Ducky. Glad you made it here. I am going to look up some patch suppliers for after my op (left eye likely to be a goner) so maybe we can have a patch fashion parade.😊Got to find some nice scarves too to conceal the scar on the neck. Going to be a pirate thing going on, especially with my stick - I shall look like I don't know what! Treat these things as fashion accessories, a bit like glasses. Sometimes people notice them less, or at least for a different reason then.


Go for the patch! I have been wearing mine for a few years now and it's fine. You get to make pirate noises at cute kids, see where you are going and look cool! I am currently sporting a red leather number but have,black, blue and even one with an eye drawn on it.

Seriously though would you feel the same if you used a stick to walk, or had an arm in plaster?

i have had a few stupid comments from adults who should know better but very few and just ignore it.

Well o.k once at the end of a long day i did say "Do you take the p*@s out of all disabled people or is it just me?"

Wearing a patch means i can drive, reduces fatigue and makes it easier to function. Go for it


Hi...do you mind me asking where you got your trendy patches from skipper? The ones I have hurt my eye. Also daft question but am I meant to shut the patched eye or keep it open under the patch...ive tried both ways...eye open means squashed itchy eyelashes eye shut makes me really tired? Thanks



Eyes open i reckon.

I have bought patches from savers chemist, there are some domed ones which keep off the eyeleashes but have to say i prefer the flatter design. Today i am wearing a blue one which is just one of those covered with fabric, I have made a couple of leather ones just by cutting round a shop bought patch and punching holes in the corners. You can look at historical reenactment suppliers for purchase too.



Thanks for all your replies. Apart from black pirate patches, hospital flesh type ones and kids sponge bob square pants ones I've yet to find an eyepatch anywhere this side of the pond . To be honest I feel worse in a patch I walk into things and get a sweaty eye. How do people drive in a patch omg...you have no peripheral vision. ..what if a child ran out or something. I have had my dvla eye test but not heard back yet. I've limited my driving to 'a' roads only at quiet times, I drive at 30mph tops which frustrates the impatient eejits who ride up my rrrs then give me the v sign for ruining their day by my slow driving!! I won't go on the motorway anymore. I'll find a way round it all im sure. I'm taking shed loads of omega three supplements as I've read that's good for eye and vascular probs so who knows!


Morning all...spent the whole of yesterday in my patch. All be it I still can't drive in it but I managed to navigate my way round the supermarket for a whole ten mins before knocking a woman's bag off her shoulder and a pile of shopping baskets by the self serve into a tumble. After having the blasted voice at the self serve insisting there was something "unexpected in the bagging area" I realised I was safest and less annoying going to a real till with a real human. I was glad to get home and get the patch off but day one was ok..no daft "pirate" comments or awkward stares. So day 2 today, might have a duvet day instead try again tomorrow 😨


Good first go! It'll take time and you will always suffer a bit from stupid people cutting accross your blind side and complainuing when you bump into them. But that's their fault not yours. Re driving use mirrors more than usual and make sure you really turn your head. You have to tell DVLA if you have double vision and pretty sure you will be required to patch. gov.uk/diplopia-and-driving


Thanks James. Yes dvla sent me for an eye test back in sept. Not heard back yet. I'll look up that chemist. I need the convex ones more than the flat for the days I want to wear my slap ☺


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