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Looking for book recommendations


I am re-reading 'Head Injury - a Practical Guide', which is brilliant and worth reading at different stages of the rehab journey.

I wondered if anyone else has some good TBI book recommendations? I only want ones that are written in plain English and contain practical advice rather than lots of medical jargon and research waffle.



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Hi Dorsetcharlie,

Thank you for your post. We receive quite a lot of similar requests, so we recently launched a new Headway Amazon shop that contains some books we think people will find useful. You can browse this shop at astore.amazon.co.uk/headwat... and buy using an Amazon account. We receive a small commission for each item bought through this shop. The shop is divided into categories which should help you to find those that are most suitable for your situation.

You can also browse a few of the recommended books we sell directly on our website shop. Visit headway.org.uk/shop.aspx and select 'Recommended books' in the 'By type' section of the search options on the right. Hopefully these do avoid too much jargon - we've found them all to be good, clear and well written.

Of course, I'm sure our members will have some excellent suggestions, but hopefully this will give you a few ideas.

Best wishes,



Hi there, charlie, have you tried joining the various groups on facebook, people are always chatting about their experience and ways forward that help them, i have had lots of hints and ideas, the american sites do seem to be rather better.

Best wishes



Hi Mark

Can you recommend any groups?




Hi Charlie, im a member of -

1 - tbi survivors

2 - supporting ABI


4 - post concussion syndrome support group

5 - Dyspraxia awarness

I find them all helpful but there is so rubbish posted too, feel free to friend me - mark purdy


I never knew these existed! Thanks SO much :)


Hi Charlie,

I would suggest the following book; Coping with Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (a guide to living with the challenges associated with concussion/brain injury) by Diane Roberts Stoler and Barbara Albers Hill. It is published by Avery and available via Amazon.

It is written by an American doctor who herself suffered MTBI. It is written in a user friendly way and explains some medical jargon but in simple terms. It also gives detailed, practical advice on how to deal with symptoms of MTBI in a way that even Headway booklets don't. Once I had learnt to ignore the 'Americanisms' I found this to be THE single most useful book on this topic. This book helped me communicate to others what I struggled to convey and also made me realise the true extent of associated problems caused by my injury.

It is written in 5 parts;

one: MTBI - an overview

two: Physical aspects

three: Mental aspects

four: Emotional aspects

five: Recovering

I love the book dedication which reads: "To all people who have experienced a brain injury: The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it. If there is a will, there is a way."

Best wishes.


hi i know this is a very laye answer but ii only joined a few days ago i bought book called dented image its rea;y good




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