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What happens when you end up caring for your carer?

I had a BI in Nov 2014 following surgery. My wife has stood by me and looked after me ever since I went into hospital for the surgery which was supposed to cure my ongoing epilepsy. In January 2017 she began to develop mobility problems which were exacerbated while working as a deep cleaner for the Council. The upshot is that she had to have several drains on her knee which were painful and incapacitated her and led to having a complete replacement knee fitted. The original diagnosis of Arthritis was apparently incorrect as I find it hard to believe that a knee can degenerate so completely in a year.

The point of giving a précis of our medical conditions is to give you an understanding that my wife has lost her mobility which was needed to help with my BI and I have issues which depend on my wife's mobility. In addition to this our interdependence is causing not just medical, but also emotional problems - this is a strong marriage, however all of this stress is causing cracks.

Any ideas, anyone?

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Have you spoken to your family doctor about the issues you are experiencing? Even though they may not require medical intervention, a GP is often the first port of call and they can organise an adult care assessment which might be useful - the local authority send someone out to assess the needs within the home and may be able to offer some practical support that could ease the pressures you are both feeling right now.


Thanks, I'll give it a try


Im sorry to read this, you never know it might make your marriage stronger?


Contact Adult Social Services and Care for the Carers. They will both be able to advise you how to deal with this.


and there is a carers group ran at HWBristol that people from the HIYA social group go to

Or you can get help from staff internally ;-)



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