Itraconazole and sleeping/not sleeping

Hello All,

Since starting Itraconazole about a month ago seem to be sleeping less and less. Most mornings up before 6 (yet a few weeks ago when spacing 4 doses of antibiotics meant taking the first at 6am was setting two alarms). Yesterday up at 3 no naps full day too. Asleep at 11pm up at 1.30 and still here. Is is the Itraconazole or the way this is reacting with my two steroid inhalers serevent and flixotide. On,y take half dose of flixotide as told by consultant in 2010 and got GP to change to combined inhaler seretide also suggested by consultant in 2010. Collecting new inhaler in a couple of days. Will this make a difference? What inhalers are others on that are OK with Itraconazole? I have asthma and Bronxhiectasis.

Just wondering if there are any other side effects you have noticed too? Other than this sleep thing I have not noticed anything else - yet.

Look forward to hearing your replies.


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  • Hi Sian

    I have had terrible trouble sleeping all my life which I've always put down to a legacy of lung problems, untreated asthma, etc. I think I just never learned to sleep properly so I honestly don't know if the itraconazole contributes to that but clearly typing this at 3.25am I understand your predicament!

    I know that isn't much help mind you but at least you aren't the only one on here at ungodly hours!

  • Thank you for the company. Feel really tired now

    . Might drop off - who knows?

  • I hope you managed. To be fair last night was a particularly bad one by my standards as I usually try not to start using tablets, etc. during the night. I'm working at home today so knocked my alarm on from 6.15 to 7.15 & predictably still woke up at 6.15, nodded off again & couldn't move I was so zonked out when it finally did go off!

    Although I always was a bad sleeper it has definitely got worse since the deterioration & associated treatment of my lungs. I find I need the loo more at night for example. My consultant recently added Montelukast to my treatment which has drowsiness as a side effect & for a while I was laughing that I finally had a sleeping tablet after all these years as it did seem to knock me out a bit but I think I'm back to where I always was now.


  • Yes, it is funny how we get used to tablets and our bodies revert back to their default settings. My breathing is OK. Still got q cough but that is not what is waking me up. I am just awake. I mean AWAKE, you know when neither your body nor mind seems to want to sleep - even though you have been awake since 3. Must sleep tonight. Will take some herbal sleepers and see if that helps.

    I too turned my alarm off

  • Yes I know just what you mean. It's incredibly frustrating & the more I know I HAVE to sleep for work or driving or whatever the more the stress of that stops me sleeping.

    I am a bit worried about constantly needing the loo through the night but don't know if that's the illness, the drugs or just creeping old age!

  • Also, if you are awake you are more likely to get up and go to the loo. If you were sound asleep you probably wouldn't. You have to sort out if you are going to the loo because you are awake or wakened because you need the loo.

    My other half has an enlarged prostate so he needs to get up frequently from about 2am but normally falls asleep as soon as his head hits the pillow.

  • Ask GP if you can be prescribed a Trazadone tablet every night small dosage it might help.

  • That has been suggested before. If this carries on I will ask. Until then will take the odd herbal sleeping tablet.

  • Hi Sian,

    Here is a link to review drug interactions. Type in Itraconazole if you are sent to the home page.

    I see that there are several inhalers that should not be used while taking this.

    I have APBA in middle lobes with Bronchiectasis and Asthma too. I experienced horrible insomnia with the higher doses of Prednisone. My Pulmonologist just added Itraconazole to the mix. 400mg + 30mg of Prednisone. Just picked up the med, but haven't started yet. I'm going to be a zombie. I was on Pred. only tapering started at 40mg current dose 20mg and would like to stay there. My IgE labs came back with high #'s after 1 month of Prednisone. Don't know why they think more would be better.

    Seems like a guessing game, meanwhile the side effects are brutal. I recently started inhaling steam vapors of oregano and cinnamon essential oil. My breathing has not been so good in I don't know how long. There are published medical journals on the effects of essential oils on Aspergillus with same results as Itrac and other anti-fungals, but only tested in labs, not on humans. But since there are no side effects, I'm doing it.

    BTW-I'm in the US, so not sure the same inhalers are going to show up.

    What doses are you on? Hope you get some quality sleep soon.

    Not looking forward to starting Itrac....


  • That's an interesting link...thanks.

  • Ask consultant if you can come off prednisolone steroids unless in may help sleeping etc

  • Thanks I will have a look at that. I have read in many places that steroids and cortico steroids should be kept to a minimum in both Bronchiectasis and aspergillosis.


    PS. Where are you in the US?

  • Denver, Colorado. Getting treatment at National Jewish Health. Yeah, I think these doses seem high too. Reluctant to start Itrac and want to discuss keeping Pred at 20 for now.

  • Rio, I replied to your post telling a story of my partner's holiday in Denver. It is not showing here. Did it post? Has it been removed?

  • I'm not seeing it :(

  • Oh I think the moderators probably took it off because I gave you my sister-in-laws near death experiences with Vancamycin. It wasn't just the vancomycin but the fault of the Docs. Anyway won't go into that and get this post deleted! Also told you my other half and his sons had a skiing holiday in Winter Park and he had dreadful problems breathing st night and had to spend five nights on oxygen. The ER Doc there told him that at night time because of the air pressure you can add another few thousand feet onto the altitude and that is why people have breathing at night. At the end of his trip (his youngest son lives in the US) he stayed at a lovely family run motel and took their gorgeous black Labrador out for a walk before setting off for the airport and while he was away someone broke into his room and stole his wallet. Just as well it was the last day.

    The herbal sleeping tablets I took seem to be working. Am not going to take them tonight will see how I get on without them. We are joining a river of light walk with an eleven foot lit skeleton this evening.

    Hope you are OK.

    Love and hugs



  • Hi, I too have ABPA, Asthma and Bronciatisis. I just started Intraconazole 400mg per day 1 week ago. I take symbacort, sprevia and ventolin for asthma.

    Normally I don't have any trouble sleeping on these puffers. Just come off Prednisone still not sleeping well so I don't know if it's from the Intra or the Preds will let you know in about a week.

    Best of luck take care

  • My sleeping patterns have settled down now. So not sure whether the tablets did cause a difference and I have got used to them now. I have been on them for 4 months now and they have made me feel a lot better.

  • Ive been on Itraconazole now for just over 12 months and find I could sleep at any time, I assumed it was the meds!! the only time I cant sleep is when in pred which I am at the min!! I seem to cat nap constantly through the night, but have energy the next day still. Inhalers i take are Relvar, Spiriva Respimat and ventolin as well as fexofenadine 180mg (anti histamine) and Montelukast.

  • I found the same effect o itraconazole. It made me drowsy so I started taking it at night. I sleep well but am up at 430 or 5 and sometimes can fall asleep again at times not. I am also on Prednisone so it might be the reason.

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