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Not feeling right is this Candida?


I have been suffering with a few health issues since Feb. I started having headaches which went on for 8 days without shifting even when I took strong painkillers, I went to the doctors and she said she thought it was tension headaches and gave me Amitriptyline low dose for a month.

I asked to go for a CT scan but got refused so went to see another Dr, she seen how worried I was and how many times I had been to the Doctors as well as my opticians who actually wrote to my doctors and asked if I could be referred, not that she could see anything but she could see how worried I was about these headaches as well as the other symptoms.

I was referred to the hospital, the reason I wanted to go was, I also started to having pins and needles in my arms/legs and feeling lightheaded and a feeling of a vice around my head constantly as well as feeling sick every morning and day.

End of March I went for CT scan, nothing serious was found thank god.

I was back and forth to the doctors, I was still feeling sick, they done more bloods tests and this time they found I had H-pylori bacteria and gave me 2 lots of antibiotics and Lansoprazole. This was around May.

Since coming off the antibiotics and stomach tablets I have been suffering with -

* Neck and shoulder pains

* Dizziness/lightheaded

* Digestive problems

* Heartburn/indigestion

* Oral thrush/ lump feeling in throat

* Burning tongue

* Aches and pains all over

* Ear ache

* Belching/flatulence

* Anxiety/depression

The burning tongue and the aches and pains and neck/shoulder pain I was suffering mildly with already but seem to worsen after the H-pylori and the medication I was on in May.

In the meantime, I've been going to the Chiropractor for my neck/shoulder pain and have been told my posture was not good and that could be down to repetitive strain over the years. This could be down to office work, computers, mobile phones use, I was also kettle belling 3 days a week before all this started so that could have some impact.

I have also been for an abdominal ultra scan to check my, kidney, liver and gallbladder, all came back normal. I also went for an Endoscopy in Sept, the consultant said he could not see anything serious and he would send the results back to my Dr in which I'm awaiting for an appointment.

I started looking into Candida and all my symptoms were there, I know they sometimes mimic other things but I feel at the end of my tether and just want feel ok again.

I have changed my diet, cut out all sugars, bread, yeast and alcohol. I have taking probiotics for 2 months as well candida cleanse, mastic gum (this was for the H-pylori and now have finished) I have just started taking vitamin B complex, vitamin C and a multi vitamin, Magnesium, coconut capsules and garlic capsules.

I also eat raw garlic, swish my mouth with tea tree oil and salt and water (separately of course).

I went for a swab test back in May and told the Nurse I thought I had thrush at the back of my throat, she reluctantly swabbed my throat as didn't think I did, the result came back positive and was given Nystatin.. Since then I have had Nystatin twice as well fluconazole which was a 7 day course, nothing has helped this oral thrush.

I had another swab test a couple of months ago and it came back negative this time, even though I feel as though I still have thrush at the back of my throat, the consultant who done my endoscopy also did not mention Candida/oral thrush.

I feel as though I am turning into a hypercondriac with all my symptoms and keep going on about this oral thrush but its really getting me down.

I should be put in a test tube see if they can fine out if there is anything wrong with me as feel no one is listening. I know anxiety and stress can cause a lot of problems, though my health issues is what's making me feel anxious! Its like a vicious circle!

Has anyone suffered with symptoms like I have mention? It would be nice to know.

Thank you for reading this very long woo is me story!

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Symptoms causing anxiety which cause symptoms and so on is indeed a vicious cycle. A lot of what you describe seems to be linked with gut problems and the feeling that you have a lump in your throat.

As your doctors have found Candida and treated it once it might be worth testing for that again if your throat is still uncomfortable as Candida can be difficult to eradicate.

Throat aside at a guess it sounds like your gut needs to 'settle'. If I were you I would concentrate on a good balanced diet with plenty of fibre (fruit & veg) supplemented with a good probiotic rather than follow instructions on one of the many 'Candida overgrowth' websites. The impact will be gentler and your gut microflora will rebalance itself with no further help. Probiotics help some people but not all and in a few cases can make candida growth in the throat worse so remain vigilant for worsening symptoms. Discuss this strategy with your doctor before starting!


Thank you for your reply. I am eating healthy by adding more veg to my diet. I read fruit has a lot of sugar so I cut fruit out of my diet too! I went to the dentist yesterday and she told me my mouth and throat both look healthy. I'm going back to the doctors next week to get another swab to check for thrush. The endoscopy I had just last month came back normal even in my gut, no candida was found so I'm at a loss! I will continue with my healthy diet and vitamins till I find out what this issue is. Thanks agian for your relply :)


Fruit is an important part of our diet. Awareness that fruit contains sugars is useful so that we don't overindulge but all the 'good' organisms in our gut also need these sugars to rebalance things. I think the worry with fruit is based around drinking too much-refined fruit juice - concentrate on eating whole fruit rather than juices and all should be well.


Well now that my endoscopy has came back clear and no candida to be found within my gut, I am going to introduce more fruit into my diet, I have been quite strict in the last couple of months, more to do with reading things on the internet about candida, there's so much info out there and they all say different things that it makes your head spin! I'm just going find the right balance and listen to my own body and if that works for me then will stick to that! Thank you for your reply Its a great site and a lovely bunch of people. :)


Hi Kazza, it sounds as if you are having a tough time - you have my sympathy.

Whatever your medical problems are will be made a lot worse by your anxiety. (I speak from personal experience!) I'm guessing that you are pretty active & achievement oriented so I have a suggestion. Try Yoga or Pilates. It will be quite different to kettle belling but will, if you persist, help a lot with your anxiety.

I resisted trying these disciplines for a long time (because I wanted something livelier & I thought Yoga & Pilates were boring) but now find that Pilates can reduce my anxiety and calm my breathing.

They also teach breathing techniques which both calm the mind and by teaching you the correct techniques may help reduce dizziness & lightheadedness. Finding the right teacher, that you like & respect is important, so you may need to shop around. You do have to persist for two or three months to achieve all the benefits but I can see from your history that you are a persistent person!

I am struggling with respiratory and gut problems and fighting a very slowly responding NHS. I have also had about ten courses of antibiotics over the last ten months - I mention this so that you appreciate I can genuinely empathise with you! Good luck & I hope you feel better soon.


Thank you for your reply. It's funny you mention yoga and palates as looking into going for a few classes its just finding the right one in my area! I like to work out and kettle bells was my chosen activity but coz of my posture and my neck problems my chiropractor advised me not to do them any more! Its sounds like you are going through a lot too, sorry to hear that! I'm just glad we've got this great healthunlocked so we can support one another who's going through silimiar things or in some cases worse! Thanks again for your reply 😃


I have been having almost the exact same symptoms. For me it started with muscle aches and weakness. My doctor took me off the Pravastatin as this is a common side effect. It didn't help . Started having breathing problems. My doctor asked if I had any mold in the house. I said no but then I remembered about a month before the first symptoms started I had removed some black mold from a house that had water damage. My doctor put me on an antibiotic which helped with the breathing problem and ordered lung X-rays then a chest CT-scan which showed some fluid in the lining of the lungs.

Since then I have developed digestive problems like feeling ill after eating or being hungry all the time, getting a sore throat if I eat sugar or possibly bread, joint swelling and pain, moving chest pains ,and have been diagnosed with anemia. The cause is still unknown. Also have the feeling of needing to clear my throat all the time. I brought this up with my doctor but he said Candida overgrowth only happens in people with compromised immune systems. I know this can't be true because healthy people get yeast infections all the time!

I have been trying a similar dietary approach with the addition of drinking only distilled water as I suspect the chlorine in tap water was killing my probiotic bacteria. This seems to be helping my gut feel better. Also taking mastic gum and Candex and papya enzymes.

Also I should mention that I was on Omeprazole for years to control acid reflux which I am no longer taking because I read it can cause digestive problems if taken long-term.


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