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Jock itch turning bad shape and colour


I had jock itch for past sometime. It was not growing further for few months, so i thought it must be dried and just some sort of scar which will never go. But suddenly it got active in march this year and growing rapidly. Please suggest medicine, i am on itraconazole since april but with little relief. I am also using talcum powder for hygiene purpose. Please suggest medicine to get me rid of it fast, my marriage is due this december.

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Hi, what is a jock itch. Will help to know.

First: throw away the talc, unless you can be sure that the asbestos which is mined with it, has been removed. That is apparently an expensive process, since we know that Johnson and Johnson baby powder contains asbestos, and they have paid out multi-millions in lawsuit money to injured people, especially Mothers and women who have used it on their 'lady bits'.

Second: Your jock itch may have gone systemic, tho perhaps not. A blood test could probably tell you. I have had an external fungus in three toenails, and that resisted just everything. Then I tried putting tinactin (spelling ??) ointment on all ten toes, and following that with DMSO. Be careful with that, since DMSO carries whatever is on your skin on into the underlying body tissues. It will take tinactin right through tough toenails, and so kill the fungus therein. Did it three times, about 2-3 days apart, and it was cured.

I believe any of the external fungus treatments could work. I just used the first I saw on a drugstore shelf.

DMSO has been used by vets for many years, and the FDA may not have cleared it for use with humans, as it cannot patented --- it must be used carefully, and only on clean skin, as you don't want some strange lotion ingredients penetrating your epidermis, being picked up by the capillary blood vessels and being carried around your body.

Worked well for me; Best wishes.

Does not do anything to relieve. Any lung specialist will tell you that. Try cannbis oil ,with high CBG .All cannbis oil can help,if you can vaporize, the medicinal compounds (CBD,THC AND CBG) go straight to the lungs or pessaries capsules anally go straight into blood system & avoid diluting by kidneys & liver. Orally with coconut cold pressed also good. Good luck.

I am trying Tavacort cream that i had to order from Bangkok because US do not sell it and it seems to be working. However I do feel that tiny bit is appearing on the edges of my infection and You have to be careful because it is combo of Isoconazole nitrate and steroid so more than 2 weeks is not suggested. Hope it works.


This is a fungal infection of moist skin. There are several treatments available from your doctor & pharmacist and if you are having problems getting it to clear up it can be important to get an accurate diagnosis so your doctor is the best place to start to get rid of this infection.

Treatment has to be continued over a long time - one frequent problem is that someone will treat their infection and notice that the inflammation has reduced. They then stop treating. This fungus is very adapt at going 'dormant' and then reactivating so you must keep treatment up until your doctor tells you to stop.

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