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Not sure anymore

I started having breathing problems in the spring of 2015 - these revealed themselves when exercising - suddenly my lungs felt as if they were tiny and could not take in air. I also noticed I had a nasal drip - it would gush out of my nose if I bent down etc.

Just prior to all this I cleaned a lot of mould off my dining room ceiling - as it was artexed I could'nt just wipe it off - I used a kitchen brush and neglected to wear a mask.

I struggled until the summer until I went to a GP - I was out of breath a lot of the time. I was told it was asthma. Since then I have had ventolin,qvar,symbicort and fostair. I also use montelukast. They only thing that has helped me is prednisolone - 40mg a day for 8 days and I am good for four or five weeks. The inhalers do very little.

A blood test shows raised ige of 527 but no triggers. I appear to have issues with my sinuses and polyps which are not helping. Doctors are reluctant to give me any more steroids and sadly seem to think that I may have COPD - my GP is arranging for me to have a scan on my lungs. Today I have been prescribed incruse which seems to be for COPD.

What do you think?

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I have C.O.P.D. My inhalers work for me unless Exercise , stressed. I agree that steroids prednisolone, Are incredible I know that long term use can induce other problems? and thus makes their short term benefit near useless. OK I am 74? So I have less of a problem regarding exercise. As Artex is mentioned I would make it clear to G.P. that you are struggling, still finding it difficult. I live with copd, I have for some time? it took quite a long time to get used to both my inhaler regime, and incredibly how to use them!! And accepting [though fighting ] a different lifestyle? Now at my age I enjoy life, but I do know my reduced ability, can be annoying to say the least.Hope this is of some help. good luck.

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Did your IgE test include moulds - particularly Aspergillus? If not then you may need to be assessed for fungal sinusitis, fungal asthma. If you are sensitive you might like to ask for referral to the National Aspergillosis Centre (

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My CT scan has come back normal. My GP has requested a sputum sample as I was feeling so bad I sent him a letter outlining my belief that possibly my ailment is fungal in nature.


Waiting for results of sputum test.

I feel extremely low at the moment - I have had ventolin, qvar, symbicort and incruse. All they do is cause acid reflux. I can hardly breathe and a have a bad chest.

Unfortunately I have been forced to get another course of prednisolone. Not bothered about the side effects any more - my breathing issues will see me off long before the pred.

Two years ago I was kickboxing and running - now even going upstairs has me blowing.


Prednisolone is often the only drug that will make you feel better in the short term so I am afraid it sounds like you have little option but to take it.

It sounds like you need reassurance on side effects and that is reasonable because they can be difficult to live with if you are permanently on high dose steroids BUT with management and keeping the dose as low as you can tolerate these can be reduced dramatically. You need to form a strong management partnership with your doctor or nurse to achieve this. You might even be able to stop taking oral steroids and use a steroid inhaler which minimises side effects - there is a lot of scope if your medical team works with you.

Once your breathing is under control you can think about looking for the cause of the problem - you might have a sinusitis or even fungal sinusitis, it might be a fungal asthma. A thorough series of diagnostic tests is the only way to find out.

Good luck!


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