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itraconazole user desperately need help

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I have been using itraconazole for a month and my doctor told me that my treatment will last for 6 months or more.

I was told to go to take a blood test for itraconazole level but there is no Lab offering this test at all.

I also need to know what foods and medications to avoid.

1. Medications (Stomach medication should be avoided and yes! I tried to take stomach medication one hour prior taking itraconazole. I can confirm that they are in conflict) But what other medication that I should avoid?

2. I was told that I must not have dairy products 2 hours before and after taking itraconazole. Is it true? What other foods that I should avoid?

3. Alcohol must be avoided.

4. I am also concern about the side effects.

Please help. Thank you.

12 Replies
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We are not medical professionals, so are unable to help you. May I recommend you re-read the leaflet that will have co e with your medication, as it may answer some of your questions, and also speak to your Pharmacist. They have a wealth of knowledge on medication, and side effects. Hope you get your answers.

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Larry12 in reply to WheezyAnne


I thought someone may be able to share their experience.

I am seeing the doctor this Wednesday and I shall ask about the blood test.

Thank you.

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Daisy55 in reply to Larry12

Graham Atherton may be able to put some guidance your way

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Hello .stomach meds should be avoided if possible.been on itraconazole for over 12months and nobody has ever mentioned dairy produce. As for alchohol? Dont know dont drink myself. And sideeffects can vary. But the do subside after i while i found.

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There are labs in the UK that can test your blood levels of itraconazole. The one I am familiar with is here at the National Aspergillosis Centre and there are full contact details at - you can guide your doctor to it! It is an NHS service.

Itraconazole should not be taken at the same time as an antacid and I see you know that - I can't think of any other common drug that will cause a problem though we know that grapefruits should also be avoided.

I don't know what the advise about not taking milk is about (all warnings are noted here unless they are referring to one research paper that featured a child being treated with ringworm. It is suggested that whole milk might enhance uptake or efficiency but the evidence is slim.

It is always best to avoid alcohol when taking medication as it plays havoc with doses!

A list of the possible side effects are given in the leaflet above. These can be kept to a minimum by carefully controlling blood levels. All too often people put up with severe side effects when in fact there is a problem with too high dose - always refer side effects to your doctors for advice.

I hope that helps


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Frances-burns in reply to DrGraham

Hi why are grapefruits to be avoided? Please explain what I should notice , my dr at wythenshaw told me last Friday that you can drink alcohol while taking itraconozole , can you please explain this??

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StacyJenniferMartin in reply to Frances-burns

My doctor told me I could have a drink, but not more than one or two and not at the same time that I take the meds. Grapefruit interacts with many other meds too. There is something chemical that happens. I've not heard anything about the dairy advice.

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Hi, I've been on itraconazole for ABPA - for 4 weeks I was fine but the last week my body didnt tolerate it and I have been so I'll, think I had most of the side effects - not everyone is the same so I hope you get on well with it

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same iv only been taking this med with oral steriods for a few days .gona be on them for afew months .got a few unwanted side affects already

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I had to do 6 months/ then wait for labs to come back with a break away from the medicine for 4 weeks, then I was still positive so we went for another 10 months straight at 200mg twice a day. Cured after that round, all good since then. Have tested negative several times since then & that was 4 or 5 years ago, treatment was hell, but we made it 👏👏👏

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Itraconazole requires stomach acid, or an acidic environment to be activated and absorbed from your GI tract. Hence no antacids. Dairy products contain calcium, which also neutralizes acid. The recommendation is to take itraconazole with a food containing fat—avocado, nuts, oil, even French fries—as the body secrets more stomach acid to digest fat. This increases the absorption of the medication.

You need to have your LIVER ENZYMES tested periodically whilst on a long course of itraconazole, because it can be hard on your liver—which produces the bile your body needs to metabolize fat. Periodic blood testing isn’t for levels of itraconazole, but rather to make sure your liver is functioning correctly.

I’ve been taking itraconazole for almost a year to combat a systemic fungal infection. It has changed my life. I feel so much better. I hope that helps.

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Hi Larry...I just answered someone else about what to avoid. Please lower the milligrams of any anti depressant you may be on. All the rest you mentioned. It is always good to carefully read the warnings on the medication leaflet...Drs. can't be expected to catch everything...

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