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Coughing up blood

Hope someone can help put our minds at rest, my husband was diagnosed with aspergillosis in July he has been taking itraconazole since then. He has started coughing up fresh red blood at 1am this morning which has been quite alarming. Is this normal for this illness? We haven't been told to expect this! He is back at the hospital for a 3 month review on Wednesday this week. He is also suffering horrendous fluctuations in temperature all day every day.

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Hello 5children,

I know exactly how your husband is feeling - I was diagnosed with ABPA just over a year ago prior to that coughing up fresh blood pains in my lungs and hot and cold sweats - quite frigtening!!

Is your husband on predisolone as well as itraconazole?

Best wishes :-)


Thank you for your reply, my husband isn't on predisolone, we haven't actually been told what specific aspergillosis he has.


Hello again,

That might be why the coughing and blood is coming up - try not to panic, have you been back to your GPs? Has your husband had any x-rays/ct scans at all?

It might be worth contacting your husbands consultants secretary and let them know your husbands symptoms - you might get an earlier appointment.

Wishing you well


Hi, thank you for your reply. He had another CT scan last week we are due the results this Wednesday in clinic. I telephoned his consultants secretary this morning and we are waiting on a call back.



Might go against the grain but keep on their backs - I know what it is like - sending my best regards to you and wishing your husband well


I will do! Thanks again best wishes to you too.


I completely agree with others on here. I have ABPA as well & always get advised any blood, get the medics straight away. It might not be anything to panic about but let them tell you that.

Good luck & I hope he's OK.


Was told by gp and consult and mamchester prof if you cough up blood go straight to casuality.sont hang about.

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Coughing up blood is common with aspergillosis, however this is a danger sign for aspergillosis patients. As a precaution go to see your doctor today to discuss, don't wait till Wednesday.

Most bleeding of this type is not to be ignored - it can get out of control and need further treatment - if your husband is under the care of the National Aspergillosis Centre in the UK call one of our specialist nurses or 0161 291 5811 for advice.

You should also report those temperature fluctuations as there might be a secondary infection or other problem.


Thank you Graham, I will get him an appointment today, I rang his consultants secretary this morning to seek some advice but they haven't rang back yet so I definitely will call the GP. He hasn't had any more bleeding thankfully.


I have Had Four bouts of bringing up blood. It is scary i am on blood thinners also. Two were serious (about pint) othet two not as bad. I brought up about an egg cupful on Monday and went to A&E. They kept me for around four hours and monitored me and was allowed home once they were sure bleeding had settled.


I had regular bouts of coughing up blood however, for the last couple of years, I have been on posaconazole and its never happened again. its a wonderful drug. M


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