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Low Free T3



I am in Jersey CI, & was bedridden for years. Then a friend gave me some old T3's which improved things a lot. But still no diagnosis from GP. I eked out the increasingly weak 5 year old T3, then bought some metavive 111. Things improved a lot more, though T3 serum even lower, & TSH now in range, but still very low. Also cortisol rather low at 314 nmol/l. 9am fasting, but had to take 2nd metavive at 3pm day before test.

Also corrected calcium now even lower than before at 2.16 L. I am on maximum prescribed dose calcichew, + I buy calcium, vitamin D3, magnesium, k2, & a bit complex.

I had below range transferrin saturation, but now I have over-range iron.

TSH - 0.62 mU/l (0.50 - 5.00 )

FT4 - 11.7 pmol/l ( 10.0 ) - 25.0 )

FT3 - 4.3 pmol/l ( 4.3 - 8.1 )

Iron 31 H umol/l ( 7 - 30 )

I need to find a way of finding out if I have pituitary damage, as I am getting headaches & a whole host of other problems, also I have osteoporosis, osteopenia & disc degeneration, with arthritis, & wondering if these are related to the low hormone levels.

DRs here are private practice,& very expensive, so don't have any alternative options when things get worse. Any advice welcome.


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There is Thyroid UK here on Health Unlocked where you will receive excellent advice and support.

Your thyroid results suggest Central Hypothyroidism where the fault lies with the Pituitary Gland. Also bones need more than calcium - check out bones on website below ...


EDIT: Sorry - now realise you are on TUK. I would post there 😊

Jenny583 in reply to Marz

Thanks Marz

I do take other things for the bones, like magnesium & K2. I also take most of the supplements recommended by Dr Myhill. As I am not able to obtain investigation or treatment & have been told by a GP that I have all the symptoms of CFS I don't know where to go with this, as the headaches, cognitive failure, bone pain, & eye problems are causing major problems, at a time when I need to be well for an immanent major criminal investigation! Yet I am being treated like a hypochondriac.

I will try & post again on TUK though.


Marz in reply to Jenny583

Please do - so many members there that know far more than GP's and Endo's - sadly.


The 5 minute video in the above link may take you down another avenue of thought. There is a book on Kindle - by Hugh Hamilton - about Thyroid Hormone Resistance - I am reading it at present. May open a few doors !

Look forward to seeing you on Thyroid UK. I have been a member for 7 years and have learnt so much. Click onto my username and you can read my journey - only takes a couple of minutes :-)

Jenny583 in reply to Marz

Thanks Marz!

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