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Non Diebetic PN

Hi First of all I want to thankful that you guys created this platform where at least we can discuss this illness.

My name is Ashish uppal and I am 35 year old male living in Dubai. I have problem started in my both feet last year and suddenly started to feel burning sensation on my both feet. Earlier I ignored it as thought for week there may be some normal problem and it will be alright. After that I felt that this burning sensation is not going from my feets and was feeling daily some time intensity was high something low. I was not feeling this when I sleep. It only start when I wake up in morning.

After two weeks I decided to meet a neurologist and he recommended me Neurobion which I took for a month x 3 tablest daily. There was no change in my situation and it was driving me crazy and my mind was not able to understand that what exactly the problem is. As I am smart guy with good senses and logical.

Then I decided to see another doctor in Dubai and he did many tests like vitamin b 12 , electro conduction test for nerves, Mei scan for lower back , vitamin D , sugar and many more you can think of.. fortunately my insurance covered a lot.

Finally after 2 months he called me one day and said I am not sure why your neuropathy is happening but he give me Thiotacid and I took it for a month 2 tablets daily with Neurobion. Sometime I felt ok and every next day my burning sensation was coming back which I have till date. Again I decided to change a doctor and he also did many blood test and all was ok including diabetes.

I also track my sugar levels every alternate day and on fastinh it come between 85 to 90 and after food max 130.

I was drinking alcohol early but not very heavy but yes twice in a week...some time wisky , beer or red wine. When my problem started last year I drink very less and now from last two months decided not to touch alcohol at all.

Can some one help me and guide how to stop burning sensation please ...also I ordered ALA and waiting for it and decided to take one 600 mg tablets daliy as I seriously don't know what to do...

Many thanks for your help.


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Sorry to hear all that you're suffering with.

All I can suggest is elevating your feet. During the day whilst resting and perhaps in bed, by putting them on a pillow.

Maybe try a coolant. Someone recommended peppermint oil spray to me when I had this problem.

Hope your symptoms improve soon.


Many thanks for your reply..I will surely try that. Did you had same problem and now how is it. I am wondering that if I will get my normal feet ever or it will be life time..really scared..




Must admit not sure what I did for it to stop, mostly elevating the feet, I think. It has stopped so try what I suggested

Actually, I was diagnosed as having low Folic Acid levels, so maybe it was that.

Good luck xx


Hi Ashish Sorry to tell you but if you have P N it is not going to go away. Apparently there is no cure - you just have to live with it. Yes I also get the burning sensation in my legs, tingling in my hands and feet and some numbness. I was diagnosed 12 years ago. The medication I take is Pregabalin 150mg mornings and 200mg evenings together with 10 to 20mg Amitriptyline at night and B12. All helps to take the edge off. I live a full life and have no other health problems. Living in a hot climate can exacerbate the problem but if you lived in a very cold climate the pain would be worse. Take care Gigforgig


Thanks for your feedback..let's see I am taking some ALA now keeping control my diet.



hi ashisupp

i had the same problem and it took me 2 years of self diagnosis to find out what was causing the problem, for me it was caused by GARLIC -- WHITE SPIRIT VINEGAR-- TOMATO PUREE unfortunately these are found in many sauces and ready foods. now i dare not touch tomato sauce, mayonnaise, brown sauce and many others that contain the above i used to be awakened at any time between 3 and 5 in the morning with this burning pain in the bottom of my feet, and it really starts to affect you mentally as no doctor seems to be able to give you a reason why this is happening . You should start to keep a diary of what you eat and how it affects you the next day. I can happily eat many foods providing they do not contain any of the above. It could be that you are susceptible to different ones than me but only by keeping a day to day check on what you consume will you locate what is good and what is bad for you, Yesterday I had a chicken salad and foolishly added mayonnaise, this morning I was awake at 5am with the awful burning in the bottom of my right foot , You can get some relief by vigorously rubbing Ibuprofen into the affected area although this takes around ten minutes to take effect . I hope the above information helps . best of luck

bernard breslin


Hi Bernard

Many thanks for your message.

I think you are correct ..after trying too much..only thing I left to keep an eye what I am eating and how it responding to my body is only the cure..I will trying to keep my diet very simple without artificial sweeteners sauces junk food and anything which I feel is under healthy.

But many thanks for your advice and I will inform you if I will find anything which can help other too..by the way I cut alcohol totally from my life..

Cheers Ashish


What was your B12 result with range ? Needs to be over 500 to prevent neurological issues. B12 injections are not harmful and could help. B12 is involved in the Myelin Sheath that protects nerves. I inject weekly ...


B12 range is 950 now as it took 2 tablets of mthycalabnie for two months..it looks like my PN is related to some food for which I am now keeping a dariy and tracking when it become wrose after eating something.

I took injections too..some how it is ok ..but yes I felt it always daily and it is not going off... seriously what a problem.


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Testing B12 whilst supplementing is of little value as the results are skewed ! You could keep on with a GOOD B complex to maintain balance.

How are your Thyroid levels ?


I have the same, and unfortunately it seems that there is no cure, you just have to accept it and learn how to live with it. Cooling foot spray and cooling gel pads help, especially at night. I wear sandals whenever possible. I take ALA and B12 but don't know if they help - at least it doesn't seem to be getting any worse. I hope you can find out what is causing yours and find some way of relieving it. Very best of luck.


Agreed with you. Only cure is balance diet no sugar , junk food and drinking lots of water and taking ALA daily as my B12 is ok .

I am not diebtic too sometimes it's very difficult to understand what is happening..



Hi Guys.

Finally I have some good news with me after having so much investigation on my case I meantioned above for the burning legs , sensation tickling ...what the nightmare it was ..really...

Anyways I found the solution of myself and now I don't have even a single day burning in leags and hands.

My case I did two two three major changes in my life style.

A) I stopped alcohol even not a single drop wine, wiskhy and beer whatever.

B) I used Alpha Liopic Acid 300mg twice a day of company called GNC. Really my nerves regenrated.

C) last thing which I found in my analysis that I was drinking packed mineral water like I live in Dubai so many brands . Than one day when I was analysing the history that what I am doing wrong that this problem is happening after having healthy diet. I thought of changing the water and we put Aquaguard Live pur water purifier (you can use whatever is best in your country) and oh my God it changed my life. I am so happy now thank God.

I felt other mineral waters is having high soudium content or may be any other thing which these companies used to clean water may be impacting.

Thanks to all I thought of sharing may be it can help someone.




Hi Ashish, how much time needed for you with ALA for the improvement? I started to take it almost 1 month ago, but no improvement at all and my symptoms getting worse and worse...


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