BCG success

Hi nice to have some good news for once, after my Husband finished the last of 3 sessions by 6 treatments the last biopsy showed that he was clear of his BC Cancer, It was wonderful news for Christmas. The report did say however that he still has a few polyps that were not cancerous but could become cancerous in time so the team offered him 3 more BCG treatments just for insurance , so I hope this will give anyone embarking on this treatment to not get too down and keep going as my Husband has done. We were quite down after the first biopsy showed that he still had cancer that was when I first contacted HealthUnlocked and was given the same answer as I have written here so Good Luck to anyone entering this programme.

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  • Great news.

    Hope it all goes well

  • Good news is always welcome. God bless for a long and healthy future.

  • very good news - now make sure he does the follow-up checks!

  • Yes I certainly will, Thanks for comments

  • Wonderful news ! I head into my next "six month" cysto in February fingers crossed after surgery to remove two non muscle invasive bladder cancer tumours in March of 2014, followed by 18 "BCG treatments" over two years and bit. Critical is following up on the follow ups to keep on top on the situation. Happy new year !

  • My husband had same now had six months of all ok nothing there which is brilliant best wishes to you

  • I am very pleased that you have same outcome as we had lets hope 2017 keeps both Husbands safe.

  • After his turbot in March 16 with a chemo blast at the same time, the tumour was noninvasive and not malignant, despite the appearance of the tumour looking cancerous. My husband remains a puzzle. He has had three three month camera checks and all were clear. One more check in three months and if that is all clear, he will be discharged from further treatments so fingers crossed.

  • I will certainly keep mine crossed as well, this forum has been so good for us since it gives you that insight into what is out their and other people giving you a little bit more knowledge other wise it is just you and the consultant. It is so helpful to hear other peoples comments that have had this same journey as yours .Thank you all for your support.

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