My First TURB by yankeebo

I am from Vermont in USA and am grateful for finding this informative site. At 74, I started urinating blood. Cystoscopy revealed a 4 centimeter bladder tumor called a urothelio carcinoma. Last week I had it removed in same day surgery called TURB. I was fearing the worst, but it was a Grade 1 Ta level non invasive tumor. Dr. Estimated it was around 2 years old! He said age of tumor and size not a determinant of level of cancer. I now will have a follow up cystoscopy every 3 months for a year and less each yr after. Hope this is as reassuring to readers here as it was to me. Armed with information and my first cancerous symptoms, I was ready for anything. Take heart and thank God if you are in same pre TURB boat as I was. Dr said many, many removals reveal superficial and non invasive rumors. Take heart, folks, get symptoms checked by ultrasound and cystoscopy, have a positive frame of mind, and realize that many large and aged tumors have a good chance of being low grade and low stage. None of these procedures hurt and you leave with a sense of assurance regardless of outcome. Thank you for this site and I will continue to read it daily and pray for good prognoses for all.

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  • Thanks for posting your upbeat, positive story. I'm in much the same boat as you and agree that this site is very heloful to all of us who have had bladder cancer in one form or another. i wish you continued bladder good health! 😀

  • Great story of hope. :)

  • Good morning USA from Belfast, I had a tumor removed from the bladder in December 2015, it had gone into the muscle tissue and bloodstream and secondaries have travelled to my lungs, the biopsy reported the tumor as aggressive, I have had Radiotherapy on the bladder and started Chemotherapy to deal with the secondaries, I am booked for a chest, pelvic and abdomen scan Friday June 17th, I have a deep faith in God who has sustained me and covered me with His peace and gifted me with a positive spirit. I had a new bleed yesterday but whatever the outcome I know my God is with me. I am being treated at the Belfast Cancer Center which is next door to the Queens University Medical Biological Centre, so I know I am in good hands at the hospital. Have a great day and a positive spirit, praying for you all.

  • Kind,uplifting words,best wishes to yourself and other sufferers.I had my first TURBT 7th June revealing a stage 3 invasive tumour,am waiting for consultants appointment to discuss treatment after the histology of the tumour has been diagnosed and the multi disciplinary team have discussed me"Have been through this with my husband,diagnosed 2009,he was lucky,non invasive tumour treated with mitomycin and numerous BCG Immunatherapy treatments,now 5 years cancer free!!! Unfortunately he is nearly 77 has Parkinson's & mild dementia and many other health problems,I was his carer.Still with Gods help,family and friends I hope to get through this,but know I have a long hard road ahead.Take care everybody& best wishes to you all xx

  • Hi Yankiebo great post,I to had exactly the same,low grade and removed and so far all clear.The scary thing for me since joining this site is how often the bladder cancer returns,so that's always at the back of my mind.Good luck in the future nice to read an uplifting post for a change.Keep well

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