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From the US here, I was diagnosed at 49 in April 2015 with non invasive bladder cancer. I have been in remission since August of 2015. I have never been fearful for my life. I have had 4 TURBTs and 4 cystoscopies and 12 BCG treatments. My last maintenance treatment was a month ago today. I have felt bad ever since the evening 1 day after the treatment. I had a CTU yesterday which revealed very large swelling of lymph nodes below bladder in pelvic region. Now in hospital waiting for a procedure to biopsy these lymph nodes. My doctor thinks a rogue cancer cell somehow escaped the bladder and landed in the lymph nodes. I have never been invasive. Please just say a prayer me. I have a wife and two young teenagers and now I am scared as hell and don't even have a diagnosis. I know in my heart of hearts I have cancer running amok in my body. If not bladder cancer, I very possibly could have lymphoma. So a prayer or two for me and my family would be most appreciated. Thanks.

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  • Prayers &kind thoughts to you & your family that you will be ok,I understand how you are feeling,my next scan Aug 15th to see if chemotherapy I've been having has shrunk my invasive bladder tumour is hanging over me like a cloud .Take care.

  • My prayers are with you and your family . Wishing you well .keep positive

  • all the best to you and your family god bless

  • Ouch. Sorry to hear your news. Hang in there and stay as positive as you can. I will say a prayer for you right now. Good luck and please keep us updated.

  • Hey there 👍 Stay positive & stay strong... none of us 'know for sure' what's going on inside our bodies and have to plod on hoping and praying we are cancer free. Please don't let negative doubts and fears 'invade' your positive healthy attitude. Hope the biopsy shows that you are wirrying fir nothing. Good Luck & we will all send support your way 👍

  • Oh Almighty one please help him and his family out. Please heal him.

  • Prayers and best wishes to you

  • Thinking of you... Let us know how you get on

  • Hidden, I know exactly what you are feeling. So far, I have had six (6) different cancers and I am still here although I now have to wait until Mid-October for the next Chstoscopy to determine if my recent eight installations of BCG did it's work as expected. I'd like to have a total body scan to make certain one of those blasted cells didn't escape and cause havoc in another part of my body. My thoughts and prayers going out for you.

  • My heart and thoughts go out to you. Stay strong, and try to have positive thoughts. I know how hard it must be for you and your family. Thinking of you all.

  • Sending you and your family strength and positive thoughts and energy for this difficult time.

    Best wishes

  • Prayers to you,your family and your doctors that they may follow an effective course of treatment.

  • Hidden. hi. stay positive and keep a bright outlook as things may seem impossible but you and your family will be with you. as was mine. with my bladder cancer 5 years ago. god be with you.

  • Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Ive had my bladder, prostate and some lymph nodes removed. I am now on the road to a full recovery. Staying positive has helped this process. You sounded positive before, so keep positive, and stay strong. Im 56 by the way.

    Keep an eye on this site. There is support for you, there was, and is for me, from genuine people. Please keep us updated....

  • Thanks for all the words of encouragement. I will return when I have some more news. Again thanks.

  • do not worry or despair - what ever they find, things will be alright - there are always new treatments- its frightening for things we do not know- I never heard of BCG as a treatment before I was diagnosed with bladder cancer- for every problem there can be a solution

  • God Bless you try your very best to be positive

  • Prayers to you for a speedy recovery

  • Prayers from CT. You can deal with this.

  • Stay POSITIVE and KNOW in your heart that God WILL HEAL YOU and hold you close to comfort you thru whatever direction he sends the doctors. Keep your chin UP! God Bless!

  • Hidden... please try to stay as positive as you possibly can. Try to have the mindset of not owning it and try to visualize any roaming cells that are not of benefit to you just blow up to smithereens and that they don't belong in your healthy body. I know it is easier said than done, but that was my mindset. I stayed away and still do anything that has sugar in it, taken in more water, exercise, very little meat, lots of vegetable and selected fruits. Diet plays a big part.. nothing that you don't know already I am sure. Hang in there!

  • you have my prayers and good thoughts- if a cancer cell from bladder escaped, it is still bladder cancer and not another form of cancer is what my surgeon told me- btw have u ever heard of a supplement called IP-6 and Inositol? A male nurse in California said it was good and helped a number of bladder cancer patients he sees.

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