Hi my names Maggie I am 60 in May mum of seven and granny of six in March 2014 I was told that I had bladder cancer had an op and a dose of chemo after was well till had my yearly check in 2015 and it was back another op and six weeks of chemo during which they then found out I also had bowel cancer major op in August last year ant then again in November to reverse the stoma go back in April for bladder and may for bowel checks so as you can imagine keeping my fingers crossed .... My brother found out he had bladder cancer the very same day as me him in Scotland and me in England

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  • All the very best of good wishes for you in April and May that all will go well at your check ups,big hugs xxxxx

  • Hope there is many more years of healthy life for you Maggie. xo

  • I had bladder cancer in 2015 and my dr. fold me it was not genetic, but my aunt had it as well. who can you believe. the only thing i might ask if whether you and your bother smoke. my surgeon says this is a big factor. nevertheless, neither my aunt nor i smoked. i'm sorry for your health problems and wish you some peace in your life.

  • My brother smokes I don't and thank you xx

  • I am a smoker,but i also was a spraypainter and gardener using lots of chemicals,im not excusing my smoking but it could have been caused by any of them.

  • Yes I agree. I have lung cancer, I did smoke, but also worked with machines for 15 years that gave off carbon fibres, even filters didn't work well. Masks not used in those days


  • Hi Maggie keep fighting your doing great.I had bladder cancer last August,a massive shock after a rough 3 years of other medical problems and personal heartache.I have 5 children 3 big and 2 little ones,the big ones were amazing and the 2 little ones were a beautiful distraction.I am very family orientated.My follow up check up was all clear,so fingers crossed it won't come back.We shall see,sorry how rude my name is Martin,aged 59 and I live in Selby.Take care

  • I had bladder cancer in 2015 and am clear and didn't ever smoke.  I have read that cancer can attack after a previous emotional trauma that occurred a year before.  I believe this was substantiated by research.  So I am trying to be calmer and take life easier.

    Good luck to you.

  • Hi Elena just read your text and very interesting it was.I like you have never smoked and always been very fit up to having knee replacements after to much football.But the last 3 years or so have been very traumatic.a heart valve replaced,acute depression after then marraige break up because of depression so my profile would certainly fit the bill re; emotional trauma.I like you are clear for now but having read the posts of other bladder cancer patients it scares me how in so many cases it does seem to come back again!!!Thanks for your post please keep in touch and very very good luck in the future.Take care guess what will be will be for us all x

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