Bladder Cancer

Hi I am new to this forum but am trying to find some answers for my Husband, he does not use a computer hence me asking questions. He was diagnosed with bladder cancer about 8 months ago and after having his tumour removed he had BCG therapy for 6 weeks, This was followed up with a biopsy last week and the surgeon said the results would be about 3-4 weeks he said that if the biopsy is not good then they could always remove the Bladder this worried my Husband no end and wondered if it is as drastic as it sounds he is 83 and so worried.

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  • Don't panic! The bcg treatment is a very powerful force to treat cancer as it encourages the immune system to fight the cancer. If the biopsy is not good there is another course of treatment using mitomycin (chemotherepy). The treatment is also administered the same way as bcg but because the chemical is within the bladder there is no hair loss etc.

    Take one step at a time and don't worry.


  • I find here in Australia that if results are not good you will be contacted by a medical practitioner long before 3 to 4 weeks All good luck to him

  • Thank you for that I do hope that is the case here then,I will pass on your good luck to him

  • Get a second opinion,or a third if necessary.

  • madnanny i too have just completed my 6 week course of BCG. I now await another cystoscopy in 6 more weeks where a biopsy will be taken to see if we had success. Each of my previous biopsy results have been delivered to me within 2-3 days of the procedure so I don't think your husband should have to wait so long. Perhaps you could call the specialist to get the results as this might sleeps things up? Not fair having to be stressed waiting for results at age 83. Good on you for finding this site to support your husband. You must be a very wonderful wife! Good luck to you both.

  • Thank you Julib for your reply I suppose our generation perhaps don't push enough but you are quite right, I will post when we know more and thanks for your good wishes

  • Hi Julib, We took your advice and phoned the Uro-Oncology Nurse she apologised for the wait as the notes had not come back but she did have them on screen unfortunately the results showed that the BCG had not worked and the Cancer was still at Grade 3. when we get the appointment to see the Consultant I think Ken wants to try for another session of BCG and see were we go from there Good luck with your biopsy.

  • I've had 4-5 lots of BCG, it is a really good treatment. Don't worry about bladder removal best way is to deal with things as they happen. Best of luck to you

  • Yes,i also take bcg but within 9months re-occurence found then again removed tumer and gave radiation with5 iam taking cow urin thriphy since6monthes.the cow urine theriphy is most powerful forthe cancer my sincier advise is to start immidiatly the cow urine theriphy this is available at india you try in website jains cow urine theriphy. Thankyou

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