Hubby had bladder cancer, how it was to care for him

Hubby had bladder cancer, how it was to care for him

My husband was diagnosed with bladder cancer in Oct. 2008. He had his tumor removed but had to have his bladder removed in Dec. 2008. Three months later another tumor was discovered in his groin. He endoured three months of radiation therapy and weekly chemo. Learning to deal with a collection bag took weeks to regulate. Fast forward 2 years (2010) and he had lost control of his bowels and dealt with "accidents" several times a day. Also developed a hernia that was pressing on the stoma, this had to be removed and now has no other choice but to have a colonstomy. Now he was dealing with two collection bags. This lead to multiple UTIs, blockages, hospital stays. He could leave the house because he was scared of having an "accidents". In Feb 2014, he went into renal failure and started dialysis, 3 times a week for 4/5 hours each treatment. Needless to say he was either tied to a machine or to the house. He couldn't do any of his normal activities. The dialysis was not effective and his health continued to deteriorate. On Oct. 3, 2014, he decided to stop dialysis and on Oct. 12 he past. All during these 6 years he was up beat, kept his sense of humor, help raise the spirits of fellow patients. He suffered terribly, was embarrassed many times. So many people found him to be a inspiration. It was very hard to watch him have to deal with this terrible disease. Please rethink or closely monitor the radiation, this was the treatment that did the most damage and lead to a very difficult 4 years. May God watch over all of you and keep you cancer free.

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  • My love and admiration goes to you and your late husband,so sorry for all you both endured.My husband was diagnosed in 2009 but with a TURBT op,mitomycin & lots of BCG Immunatherapy he is cancer free.Ive been his'carer for a long time because he's had 2 heart attacks,mini strokes,type 2 diabetes,Parkinson's and mild dementia,he is deteriorating especially since in May this year I was diagnosed with an invasive stage 3 bladder cancer!! How cruel can life be!!! I'm about to begin my 2nd of 3 cycles of chemotherapy before bladder removal or radiotherapy,thanks for your post I will certainly bear it in mind if it comes to it that radiotherapy is the route I'm told to go down,best wishes&take care xx

  • Thank you. You too have carried a heavy burden. Cancer is the devil and all we can hope for is cancer ending treatment or a cure. Radiation caused more suffering than it was worth for him. Damage to his colon with no way to correct it. He couldn't have Colonscopy due to the destruction of the colon, no way to exam him. So that lead to blockages and infections. He walked around with two collection bags. But as I said, his sense of humor was always there to the end. He walked into the dialysis treatment room and lifted spirits nurses and patients. They had no idea how much he was suffering and were surprised of his decision to stop treatment knowing that we would maybe last 7 to 10 days without it. He was stronger than me. I pray that God holds your hand and leads you to comfort and a cure.

  • Wow... He certainly had been through plenty... Bless... Thinking of you

  • Thank you Swattig,for your kind words.I know I am in Gods' hands,may he bless you xxx

  • Thank you for your knowledge and advice & for sharing your story. My thoughts are with you.

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