on-going pain,after bladder cancer???

why do i have so much pain 24 7 ........feels like somebody has kicked me right where it hurts..have had 2 ultra sounds on my testical's and 1 ultra sound on my bladder,that have come back clear,so far...i have been on percocet pain medication for a long time now,they still help with coping with the pain every day..my prostate seems fine.i still have my bladder from 4 tumor operations and 12 bcg's..this pain is effecting me more than the cancer did,which i am happy to say i have been clear for a year now..any suggestions other than pain management which i have already taken...thank you

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  • Hi... Well done being clear.. But constant pain is not good... Could it maybe be scarring

  • ronno i feel exactly the same. Was given the all clear 3 months ago but my gut has felt tender since my first cystoscopy in November 2015 when I was diagnosed. Everytime the kids touch my stomach it hurts and I feel awkward bending over. My Oncologist says there is no reason I should feel tender but it is not in my imagination as I am not that sort of person! Good luck and fingers crossed it gets better over time. I have my BCG treatment restarting tomorrow for 3 weeks.

  • thank you julib,good luck on your bcg's

  • sorry to hear about your pain I don't have much pain but have to deal with stoma problems daily and dealing with ED as well

  • I understand where you re coming from, during the operation to remove tumours they use instruments which they can use to cut the tumours. The instrument is ridged and stretches organs. a lot of damage occurs after this operation, you can call it collateral damage. it can take a long time to recover but have hope.

  • thanks Harvey,collateral damage eh? interesting....

  • You need a CTU (ct urogram). This type of scan will rule out possible spread of cancer or confirm it. Your story was exactly like mine. I never recovered after 12th BCG maintenance treatment. I was non invasive stage 1 in remission for over a year. CTU confirmed spread of cancer outside of bladder. This is not meant to scare you or anyone else but to let you know the importance of the CTU scan when you are having so much pain and trouble. Good luck.

  • thank you for your info,i certainly will look into it..i hope that you have success in your battle my friend


    mri came back negative for my pelvis, Dr's don't seem to have any answer's for me , saying i have chronic pain.........

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