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I have had a tumor removed from my bladder on the 30th December 2015, I have been told it was through the wall of the bladder and it is an aggressive tumor, I finished Radiotherapy 3 weeks ago. I was also told that their is a 90% chance I have secondaries on my lungs, it will be another 4/5 weeks before I have the second scan of the lungs, so I have an anxious wait on results of the Radiotherapy on the bladder and the results on the 2nd scan on my lungs, the lungs have not been treated yet, the Oncologist wanted to wait for the Radiotherapy to finish.  

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  • Well lets hope they are wrong and your lungs are ok.i know it's easy to say but stay positive. 

  • Thank you for your reply, I am encouraged and blessed by the support of my wife and family.

  • I am sending positive energies your way and hope you have no tumors on your lungs.My sister just got a diagnosis of a tumor in the bladder wall and she is having it removed on the 19 th of april,it is a slow process for the person and all the loved ones.

  • I hope all goes well for your sister, it is a long wait and can be stressful. Support of family and friends is very important and should be keeping her spirits high.

  • How is bladder cancer connected to lung spots in some people?

  • In my case the bladder tumor had gone through the bladder wall into muscle tissue allowing secondaries into the blood stream which lodged in my lungs, that is how it was explained to me. My Chemotherapy treatment starts tomorrow at the Belfast Cancer Center.

  • The waiting for results is nerve racking!

  • Hi mums been told she has aggressive cancer t3 a scan in Feb 2016 showed it was not touching glands ,she's just had another scan ,we are waiting for the results on Friday ,mums not great on computers so I'm showing her ,I think it's helping .

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