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My first indication of anything wrong was difficulty to pee so GP urine test showed slight blood trace - Cystoscopy results showed aggressive bladder cancer. Advised to have bladder removed - I went with BCG route and subsequent cystoscopies showed no further cancer. Now cancer returned as superficial so just had chemotherapy and waiting for further cystoscopy. I have decided to have Radical Cystectomy to prevent further outbreaks of cancer. 

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i had bladder cancer one year ago.  i had the tumor removed and had one dose of chemo.  i am now involved in pelvic rehab. for incontinence.  i am always watching for fear of another bout of cancer.  i don't blame you for doing all that you could rather than have your bladder removed.  i wonder what happens when you receive a new bladder.  it's hard to find out information.  i wish i could give you more information, but i don't know where to find reliable data.  urologist says not to depend on the internet.  besides, i become panic-stricken when i read anything about it.  i wish you well.  

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Where are you being treated?  AS BCG and TURBT have not worked on my cancer over 2 years, I am now faced with a radical cystectomy.  For women it I major surgery and I am very uncertain about it.  I am being treated by Guys London urology clinic.


Hi Robyn

I am being treated in Southampton University Hospital and I found the urology nurses are the best people to talk to with regards to choosing your options on surgery. The major surgery for women is a big step and  you are being treated at the one of the best hospitals in the country however you should consider the surgery or face the possibility of the cancer spreading.



I agree and have had a long detailed discussion with my nurse specialist at Guys. As a result of this and my sisters very strong  clinical warnings about the risk if infections from any major surgery, I will be seeking appointment with an oncologist re chemo and radiotherapy before making final decision.  Anyone else pursued this route? 


Guys in London is arguably 'the best' hospital with the finest medical teams. Good luck 👍


Good Luck with your planned treatment 👍


Hi, iv'e just came across this site. I was diagnosed with bladder cancer back in Nov 15. I had a TURBT done in December, and was told it is now muscle invasive. I had 4 sessions of chemo, and unfortunatly had a heart attack, so chemo was stopped. I am now booked in for May 17th for a complete bladder and prostrate removal, and at the same time, having a Neo Bladder reconstruction. I'm now looking forward to get it done. Please let me know if i can be of any help!!


Best of luck Rojen 👍



I was diagnosed with Bladder Cancer in Dec 2015. I had a TURBT done, but it has gone to muscle invasive bladder cancer. I have just received a course of Chemo. Had a CT Scan and it shows the cancer cells has shrunk, and it has not spread.

I am now going into hospital on 17th May, to have a Radical Cystectomy. At the same time i am having a Neo Bladder reconstruction.

I thought this is the best way to go, as to beat the cancer. Going in with a positive mind.

So im having the surgery done in just over 3 weeks time.

Please let me know if you want any info once ive had the procedure done

Regards   Gareth


Good luck Gareth 😃

I am going in this Saturday for a rigid cystoscopy to find out if my chemotherapy treatment worked. You are going in the day before my 65th birthday. Hope all goes well don't forget to post your experiences  for others to read.

 I have decided to go for the stoma and a bag for life in July 'cause I work in a school and the August holidays will fit in with my recovery. Seems like there is no cure for this cancer only delay tatics for the inevitable.


All the best for Saturday, and your future treatment. We will beat this !!

And yes i will post my progress. 


How did it go? I will be treated at Southampton too, glad to hear they are good.


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